Exclusive — Victim of San Jose Trump Rally Violence on Project Veritas Video: The ‘Mob’ of ‘Paid’ Protesters Threw Eggs in My Hair

Trump supporter attacked (Noah Berger / Associated Press)
Noah Berger / Associated Press

Rachel Casey, the 29-year-old woman and Donald Trump supporter who was violently attacked by progressive protesters and had eggs thrown into her hair in San Jose, California, earlier this year, gave her first exclusive interview since the revelations in new videos that Democratic paid operatives incited such violence around the country to Breitbart News on Sunday.

When asked to describe what happened to her that fateful evening when the progressive protesters targeted her with eggs and other violent tactics, Casey portrayed a horrific scene.

“When they started following me, I guess at that time I felt no fear at all,” she said. “I just turned around and I flexed my arms and I showed them the Trump name on the back of my jersey. It made them more mad and I had more things thrown at me, more eggs, a tomato hit me in the head, somebody threw a water bottle at me — a couple of them. It happened so fast, and it must have been an adrenaline rush because I did not know I was smiling until I saw videos of me afterwards.”

She continued, “I knew that if I was to touch one of them or I was to grab one of the flags they were waving in my face that they would have attacked me or beaten me with those flag poles that were metal. I just kept a straight face, I don’t know how. I just knew if I touched one of them I would get hurt. Luckily someone let me in that hotel, finally, someone finally opened the door.”

Casey also told Breitbart News that her reaction to the Project Veritas video is that it confirmed what she suspected all along.

“I actually was not surprised because, when I saw those people, it was a mob,” Casey said. “They just looked like someone paid them to be there. They were not like normal protestors. It was a group, and they were kind of young. I had thought from the beginning because of Craiglist ads I had seen myself, Craiglist ads saying, hey we will pay you this or that to go protest this rally. I was not surprised at all and it just shows the proof now. That was something we were trying to figure out with the whole class-action lawsuit in San Jose. You know, who was behind all that stuff because someone was. I believe they were paid to come attack Trump supporters.”

Moving forward, Casey said she is considering some kind of a lawsuit but not sure yet if she will move in that direction.

“I’m not a lawyer but I’m watching very closely to see what happens. People that have violence and terror at the rallies must face consequences,” she said. “There are more videos coming out from Project Veritas that I would like to see. I also saw that Mr. Trump said in a statement that he was going to sue the DNC and HRC for the violence at his rallies. I’m going to wait and see what happens with that, but I don’t want to end up on any hit list.”

Casey is calling on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton to fire her campaign manager Robby Mook if proof emerges he lied to Breitbart News when he denied conversations between Clinton and a top progressive organizer involved in creating such violence at Trump rallies.

“If there is proof [he lied], then yes, he should be fired,” Casey told Breitbart News when asked on Sunday night about Mook’s claim to Breitbart News in the spin room at the final presidential debate that Clinton herself did not have conversations with Democracy Partners founder Robert Creamer.

“I don’t believe so,” Mook told Breitbart News when asked directly whether Hillary Clinton herself had had conversations with Creamer about the contents of the James O’Keefe Project Veritas investigative video showing that Creamer was at the center of a progressive plan to create violence at Trump rallies.

Here’s a full transcript of Mook’s interactions with Breitbart News on this matter:

BREITBART NEWS: In the debate, the video about Democracy Partners came up. I wanted to see — did Secretary Clinton ever have any conversations with Robert Creamer about the contents of that video?

ROBBY MOOK: They’ve never worked for our campaign so you’re going to have ask them about that.

BREITBART NEWS: Has she ever had any conversations with Robert Creamer about the contents?

ROBBY MOOK: I don’t believe so. And they’ve never worked for our campaign.

Emails from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, published by WikiLeaks, show that Mook actually approved the tactic of “bird-dogging” at Trump rallies at least once as well.

When asked about those emails, Casey asked the public why Clinton hasn’t held Mook — or any of the other players directly involved in this matter — accountable.

“I think everyone involved in this should be facing some kind of consequence,” Casey told Breitbart News. “If citizens start violence, they face the consequences, like, how can these people get away with it? These people should face the consequences just like anyone else who creates violence.”

Casey is also calling on Creamer and Americans United for Change’s Scott Foval — who was also fired over this — to speak up now that they’re fired and tell the truth once and for all.

“Now the truth comes out because those people were fired,” Casey said. “Those people should be forced to speak so that we can see what they have to say.”

Now that Mook himself is firmly at the center of this scandal, Casey — one of the victims of the violence sowed by the progressive community — is stepping forward to grant one of her first exclusive interviews since the incident which occurred over the summer. That incident in San Jose was so bad, in fact, that Clinton herself appeared on CNN to condemn the violence against Trump supporters from her progressive backers in an interview with Jake Tapper.

“I condemn all violence in our political arena,” Clinton told Tapper back then. “I condemned it when Donald Trump was inciting it and congratulating people who were engaging in it. I condemn it by those who are taking violent protests to physical assault against Donald Trump.”

But Casey, the victim who literally had eggs cracked and strewn through her hair in images that made Americans revolt at the time, told Breitbart News she doesn’t believe Clinton really condemns it. In fact, when asked about Clinton’s condemnation of this violence back in the summer, Casey told Breitbart News that she doesn’t trust her.

“I believe that she is doing whatever she can to ruin Trump,” Casey said. “She will do whatever she can to make him look bad. Trump is not promoting any kind of violence at all. If anything, he has brought people together. I have more friends now than I’ve ever had of all different ages and races. Trump is bringing people together and she is dividing people. It’s right there in front of everyone’s eyes, I don’t know how people don’t see it.”

Of the progressive activists pushing the violence out there as evidenced by the Project Veritas videos, Casey added of Clinton: “She’s hiding it, but she’s behind it, and she’s definitely paying people to go do this.”

It’s still as of yet unclear if Clinton herself had conversations directly with Creamer on this matter, but if she did, then Casey says she think it will prove that Hillary Clinton is “corrupt” once and for all.

“I think Hillary is corrupt,” Casey said. “She’s a liar. She’s a murderer and she’s doing whatever she can legally and illegally to stop Mr. Trump from becoming president. He loves America; he always has American flags behind him. I’ve been to a Hillary office and there wasn’t one American flag in that office, and I can prove it with my own videos. He’s the only one who will keep our constitution, he’s the only one who is going to save our country and protect us.”


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