Jill Stein: Democrats Are Masters of ‘Corporate Politics’; They ‘Manipulate Voters, Media, All to Serve the Elite’

Jill Stein
Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein blasted the Democratic Party for its “mastery of corporate politics” that “manipulate[s] the process, the voters, [and] the media, all to serve the elite.”

Stein explained that the Democratic Party “rigged” the system to “disenfranchise” its own primary voters. Stein warned that any vote for Democratic candidates “perpetuates” this “corrupt system.”

“The Dems act more liberal than GOP, but their role in the system is to prevent progressives from defying corporate rule,” Stein tweeted, adding: “If you vote for a party that disenfranchised millions by rigging its own primary, that perpetuates a corrupt system.”

Stein explained that corporate media’s control over the dissemination of information has placed a “stranglehold… over our democracy.” Stein has previously explained that the corporate media is “prop[ping] up” Clinton’s campaign and has essentially enacted a media “blackout” of her own “people-powered” campaign.

“Despite Greens being on the ballot for 98% of voters, mainstream media has given us less than 1% of coverage they’ve given Trump & Clinton,” Stein tweeted. “Americans feel the establishment isn’t addressing issues we care about. So why do debates & media shut out competing visions of our future?”

“Let’s enact the no-brainer solutions to put an end to the stranglehold the corporate media has over our democracy,” Stein wrote.

Stein retweeted a post from WikiLeaks stating that the “US is no longer a Democracy.” Stein suggested that if Clinton were elected president, the U.S. would start to look more like an oligarchy than a democracy.

Stein urged liberals to reject the Democratic Party’s campaign of fear and vote for a real progressive. Stein has previously explained that Clinton is “not a progressive– no matter how her staff tries to rebrand her” but is instead a “corporatist hawk.”


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