Stranahan on ‘Whatever It Takes’: Scandals Coming at Hillary Clinton Like Tsunami in Last Week of Campaign

Whatever It Takes,Stranahan

Breitbart News investigative reporter Lee Stranahan on Monday told Curt Schilling, host of Whatever It Takes, that the scandals surrounding Hillary R. Clinton are crippling her campaign–and will cripple her presidency if she beats her GOP rival Donald J. Trump.

Schilling, whose show is broadcast weekdays from 9 a.m to 11 a.m. online at, told Stranahan that he was blown away by the leg work that the reporter puts into his stories.

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The fireballer asked Stranahan: “Can you kind of bring people up to speed about where you are and where we are as a country?’

Stranahan said, “What is interesting right now is that we are at the intersection of four different stories with this email scandal right now—that all connect—and they are all stories that the mainstream media did not want to touch.”

The first scandal is Anthony Weiner sexting explicit texts and photos to a minor in North Carolina, which the mainstream media wanted to completely ignore, he said.

Weiner’s first scandal involved the then-congressman sending obscene photos of himself to women through Twitter in 2011. Andrew Breitbart was in the middle of exposing that scandal, along with Stranahan.

“Andrew Breitbart had to fight tooth and nail and I was part of the team five years ago, when we broke that story,” Stranahan said.

The investigation into Weiner led FBI agents to thousands of emails belonging to his wife Huma Abedin. Abedin was born in the United States but raised in Saudi Arabia. Abedin returned to the United States when she was 18-years-old and soon thereafter met Clinton and joined her staff. “She has been Hillary Clinton’s top assistant for 20 years–that’s who she is–she has never had a job that does not involve Hillary Clinton.”

Stranahan said the third scandal is the FBI investigation into how Clinton handled sensitive electronic correspondence during her tenure as secretary of state. It was that investigation that FBI Director James B. Comey Jr. told Congress Friday that he was re-energizing because new information was discovered.

It was an investigation that Comey in effect closed July 5, when he recommended that the Department of Justice decline to prosecute Clinton.

Stranahan said the reason Comey had to reboot the investigation was the incredible internal pressure within the FBI. Current and former agents felt that Comey had botched the investigation, so they started leaking information from it.

“Then, yesterday morning, it was revealed on one of the Sunday shows that the FBI is also investigating the Clinton Foundation,” Stranahan added.

Anyone who has seen the documentary Clinton Cash knows that the foundation was the facility for the Clinton family’s pay-to-play schemes of selling off government policies, ambassadorships, and even arranging arms deals, according to Stranahan.

After laying out those four scandals, Stranahan said it was important to go back to Abedin, who had a unique work arrangement that allowed her to be an employee of the State Department and the Clinton Foundation at the same time.

This work agreement put Abedin in the perfect position to keep things connected between the two Clinton-controlled spheres—the foundation and the State Department, he said.

Another special arrangement for Abedin was that there were only three email accounts set up on the Clinton private server: Clinton herself, her daughter Chelsea Clinton, and Abedin.

Because Clinton never used her State Department email address, any and all emails Hillary Clinton sent during her tenure as Secretary of State were on her private server and, because Huma had her own account on the server, the entire universe of their electronic correspondence would be held on that server and none of it would have passed trough the State Department–or later on to the National Archives.

All of these scandals and factors, combined with the various FBI agents in different field offices, mean Clintons’ troubles are not going away, Stranahan said.

“This is like a tsunami coming at Hillary Clinton in the last week of the campaign and there is nothing they can do to stop it,” he said.

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