Melania Trump: I Want Our Children to ‘Dream Freely of Love and a Family of Their Own’


First Lady candidate Melania Trump made an impassioned case Thursday in Pennsylvania for why she will be the nation’s premier role model if her husband is elected president.

“People have asked me, if Donald is the President, what kind of First Lady will you be?” Melania mused.

“I want our children in this country, and all around the world, to live a beautiful life, to be safe and secure,” Trump said in her remarks, adding,¬†“To dream freely of love and a family of their own someday.”

“We need to teach our youth American values. Kindness, respect, compassion, charity, understanding, cooperation,” Trump said.

Mrs. Trump noted that she has known her husband for 18 years and has seen him become gradually more politically concerned as the country declined.

Mrs. Trump said that it would be “an honor” to serve her country as first lady.

Her husband watched her on television from his campaign plane in North Carolina, where both Trump and daughter Ivanka Trump are getting out the vote with days to go.


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