FBI Possesses Definitive Hillary Clinton Backup Email Device

James B. Comey
Win McNamee/Getty Images

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Capitol Hill insiders are pressuring FBI director James Comey to release a backup tape of Hillary Clinton’s electronic communications.

The “Datto device” is in the FBI’s possession and was not searched in either James Comey’s first or second investigations into Hillary Clinton’s alleged criminal wrongdoing in the email matter.

Comey faced massive internal pressure from rank-and-file FBI members after his first investigation ended in a non-indictment.

Now, Comey is indicating again — in a letter to Congress — that Clinton will likely not face charges in the email probe. Comey’s second investigation focused on classified materials that showed up in the Anthony Weiner sexting investigation. That theory was first reported by the New York Times — after it already leaked that the FBI was re-opening the case for no specific reasons.

Citizen researcher Larry Kawa, represented by Judicial Watch, again holds up his Freedom of Information Act case to compel the FBI to release the Datto device.

Breitbart News first reported in October 2015:

Yesterday we learned that Hillary Clinton’s home-brew email server was using an online backup service called Datto, Inc. to create copies of her data – a hair-raising proposition, given that Clinton’s server improperly contained classified and Top Secret material, made even more alarming by the fact that Clinton’s computer company didn’t realize her machine was still communicating with Datto until shortly before they surrendered it to the FBI.

Hillary Clinton’s server was stored by a computer company in Denver called Platte River Networks, while Datto is based in Connecticut.

Wednesday afternoon, Datto announced it had turned over a “hardware device” to the FBI, along with all Clinton emails the company had in its possession.

“With the consent of our client and their end user, and consistent with our policies regarding data privacy, yesterday, Tuesday, October 6, Datto delivered a hardware device to the FBI containing all backed up data related to Platte Rivers Networks’ client known to be in its possession,” said the company

Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley called Comey’s recent Clinton letter “vague,” and Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus pointed out that the FBI’s corruption investigation into the Clinton Foundation is still ongoing.


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