Anti-Trump Protests Emerge in New York, Chicago, DC, California, Boston

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Several anti-Donald Trump protests emerged in New York, DC, Chicago, California, Boston, Seattle, and other major cities Wednesday night, with demonstrators blocking and cutting off traffic among calls of “Not my president!”

Aerial shots of the protest in Chicago show hundreds, if not thousands of protesters blocking traffic, while several people holding a Mexican flag shouted, “Fuck Donald Trump!”

New York protesters also blocked traffic, marching through Times Square and cutting off buses while alternating between calls of “Not my president” and “Whose streets? Our streets!”

NYPD officers attempted to disperse the crowds, announcing on a loudspeaker that “if you unlawfully obstruct pedestrian traffic or walk in the street or roadway, you may be placed under arrest.”

Protesters continued on foot towards Trump Tower, where NYPD officers had cordoned off the entrance and attempted to block people out.

Some protesters also shouted “Hands up, don’t shoot” outside Trump Tower— a popular Black Lives Matter chant.

Rachel Maddow, who is on the scene in New York City, claims that protesters have been “coming in waves”, adding that it was “up to the fourth or fifth wave now.”

In Boston, protesters showed up at the Boston Common, where “thousands” of demonstrators allegedly shut down the streets and screamed signature chants of “Not my president.”

Like the other cities, “thousands” of San Francisco protesters also blocked traffic, with chants of “Black Lives Matter” echoing the streets.

In Washington, D.C. protesters burned the American flag and chanted “No racist USA, No Trump, No KKK”.

Police officers were also forced to erect a barrier surrounding the Trump hotel in D.C.

Protesters also burned the American flag in Washington, D.C.

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