Michigan Election Official: ‘No Reason to Believe Large Numbers of Votes Will Be Found’ to Change Trump 13,107 Vote Win


“There’s no reason to believe there will be large numbers of votes that will be found subsequent to the current reporting,” Michigan Secretary of State spokesperson Fred Woodhams tells Breitbart News.

The Michigan Secretary of State’s official election results website shows Donald Trump with a 13,107 vote lead over Hillary Clinton, with 100 percent of precincts reporting.

Republican – Trump, Donald J. –  2,277,914 votes (47.60%)

Democratic – Clinton, Hillary –     2,264,807 votes (47.33%)

Libertarian- Johnson, Gary –        172,726 votes( 3.61%)

US Taxpayers – Castle, Darrell –      16,125 votes (0.34%)

Green – Stein, Jill –                              51,420 votes (1.07%)

Natural Law – Soltysik, Emidio –        2,231 votes (0.05%)

Total Votes:                                      4,785,223

“In Michigan we have county boards of canvassers. They’re now doing their canvassing process,” Woodhams says. “Typically this process results in small vote shifts. That’s common to every election.”

“13,000 is a huge count of votes to change,” Woodhams notes.

Woodhams would not speculate as to why media outlets have not yet called Michigan for Trump. “You would have to ask the media outlets that question.”

Similarly, Woodhams could not explain why Politico is currently reporting a few thousand more votes in the state than the Michigan Secretary of State website is reporting, with a slightly different margin for Trump (11,423 versus 13,107).

Politico currently shows Donald Trump with 2,279,221 votes in Michigan, and Hillary Clinton with 2,267,798 votes, giving Trump an 11,423 vote margin.

The Detroit Free Press on Wednesday declared Trump the victor in Michigan by 13,225 votes, after prematurely and incorrectly calling the state for Hillary Clinton on Election Night with only 11 percent of the state’s precincts reporting.

A 13,107 vote margin of victory is not close enough to trigger a vote recount under Michigan law, as Citizens for Election Integrity reports:

Recounts initiated by a close vote margin are mandatory if the close vote margin is triggered, but only at the statewide level. This requirement applies to both initiatives and candidates in any primary or election, except for partisan offices in which more than one person is elected. Mich. Comp. Laws 168.880(a)(1). Additional exceptions are noted in the Bureau of Elections “Election Recounts” manual (see page 5): The margin is set at 2,000 votes or less, regardless of the number of votes cast in the election, and when that margin applies, neither candidates nor voters would be required to file a petition as set forth below to initiate a recount.

Few media outlets have yet called the election in either New Hampshire, where Clinton leads Trump by 1,437 votes with 100 percent of the precincts reporting, Arizona, where Trump leads Clinton by 84,526 votes with 100 percent of the precincts reporting, or Michigan, where Trump leads Clinton by 13,107 votes, with 100 percent of the precincts reporting.

The current electoral college count, without allocating the electoral college votes of these three states, stands at 279 votes for Donald Trump, 228 votes for Hillary Clinton.

Fox News called the election for Donald Trump at about 2:30 am eastern on Election Night/Morning, Wednesday November 9 when its decision desk determined that Trump had won Pennsylvania, giving him that state’s 20 electoral college votes. Pennsylvania put him over the 270 electoral college votes necessary to win a majority of the electoral college’s 538 votes.

If New Hampshire’s 4 electoral college votes go to Hillary Clinton, and Arizona’s 11 electoral college votes and Michigan’s 16 electoral college votes go to Donald Trump, as seems likely more than 36 hours after all polls have closed, the final electoral college tally will give Donald Trump 306 votes to Hillary Clinton’s 232 votes, a resounding electoral college victory for President-elect Trump.


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