Mark Meadows Wins Chairmanship of House Freedom Caucus

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), a strong conservative with a history of actually taking action inside the Beltway — known for doing nothing —  has won the chairmanship of the House Freedom Caucus.

Meadows replaces outgoing two-term chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and will serve alongside the House Freedom Caucus’S new whip Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA). Jordan will become chairman emeritus of the House Freedom Caucus.

“Mark Meadows is one of the most principled people I have ever been around in politics,” Wayne King, Meadows’ deputy chief of staff and the only senior staffer from his original team still there, told Breitbart News. King is a former vice chairman of the North Carolina GOP, and a top conservative leader both in his state of North Carolina and in the national party and on Capitol Hill—a key, critical reason why conservatives have won so many battles in recent years.

“Meadows has a record of taking action and actually accomplishing things that further the conservative agenda in a city that is renowned for gridlock,” King told Breitbart News on Monday night. “He deeply understands what drove millions upon millions of people to deliver Donald Trump a landslide electoral victory over Hillary Clinton and looks forward to fighting day in and day out to drain the swamp in Washington.”

Meadows is perhaps best known for being the man who toppled now former House Speaker John Boehner. Back in 2015, on the third such try for conservatives, Meadows employed a tactic right before the August recess known as introducing a motion to vacate the chair. The motion, which could have later been offered as a privileged resolution that would have forced a floor vote determining whether the House still supported Boehner as Speaker, gained support among House Republicans who rallied to Meadows’ side. As Meadows obtained enough support to oust Boehner, before he forced a vote on the resolution, Boehner resigned—shocking the political establishment.

Meadows is known AS a rock-ribbed conservative and haD a history in business and real estate—just like President-elect Donald J. Trump—before he ran for public office. In fact, when Breitbart News was profiling him in his district for a day before Boehner resigned, some of his constituents actually mistook him for Trump and thought the congressman was Trump.

Meadows moving into the position of House Freedom Caucus chair means bad news for the career politicians in Washington, and for the bureaucracy throughout the D.C. swamp, as the action-oriented businessman-turned-reformer-in-Congress is unlikely to stand for shenanigans pushed by either the Republican establishment or the institutional left.

The House Freedom Caucus, with more than 40 members, has become an important bloc of votes with an extraordinary amount of power that can essentially veto any legislative priorities of the GOP establishment if it sticks together as a minority within the majority.


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