Reports: Donald Trump Selects Fast Food Champion Andy Puzder for Labor Secretary


President-elect Donald Trump has selected Andy Puzder, the CEO of the company owning fast food chains Carl’s Jr. and Hardees, as his Labor Secretary, according to several reports.

Puzder was a loyal adviser to Trump’s presidential campaign, even though he was also an economic adviser and a spokesman for the Romney presidential campaign.

“Mitt’s a friend of mine,” Puzder said to the Washington Post in June. “I think he would’ve made a great president. He’s one of the most decent men I know and he feels very strongly about Donald Trump. But I’ve said before that I would support Donald Trump if he were the nominee. He’s the nominee.”

He was also a vocal opponent of Obamacare, citing the negative effect it would have on businesses creating new jobs and turning full time jobs into part time jobs.

Puzder is on the board of the International Franchise Association, an organization opposed to raising the minimum wage to $15 for low wage jobs like fast food workers.


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