Watchdog: Obama Spent $100 Million to Transport Foreign Migrants to Their U.S. Destinations

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The Immigration Reform Law Institute revealed that a border protection agency has spent more than $100 million in taxpayers’ cash transporting young Central American migrants from the Texas border to their final destinations in the United States.

“We fought for nearly two years to get this data,” said executive director Dale Wilcox. “Now we see why the administration has been less than forthcoming and why they’ve repeatedly tried to blame the costly… surge [of migrants] on Central American crime rather than its own amnesty policies.”

The decision to spend $100 million since 2014 to help the migrants adds “insult to injury,” he said.

Under rules set by President Barack Obama, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency must classify most Central American migrants as asylum seekers, and must then transport them to their destinations in the United States. Obama’s rule means the agency assigns agents to work at temporary holding centers, pays for hotel rooms to house migrants, and escorts them to people in the U.S. interior who claim to be the migrants’ relatives, including resident illegal aliens and the employers of illegal immigrants.

Twenty-five percent of ICE’s $100 million spending was on hotel rooms for the illegals, and a 58 percent is spent on plane tickets.

The government is burning through taxpayer cash, according to the Washington Times:

Government figures obtained by the Immigration Reform Law Institute through an open records request show Immigration and Customs Enforcement spent an average of $665 per juvenile in 2014, with most of that going to the cost of airplane flights to shuttle the children among government agencies, to relatives here in the U.S. or back to their home countries—if they’re deported.

At that rate, ICE will spend about $4.5 million flying just the children nabbed at the border in October, and somewhere north of $100 million since the surge began in earnest in 2014…

Instead of being sent back, they are shuttled among various federal agencies until they are eventually delivered to their parents, other relatives or sponsor families—where they often disappear into the shadows.

Obama’s deputies are delivering an average of 255 illegal alien minors every single day to Office of Refugee Resettlement at the Department of Health and Human Services—which has 11,200 illegals in its care already.

The relentless surge of migration also means domestic programs that help vulnerable Americans being cut to fund the migration: The Democratic administration slashed funds from cancer research, disabilities services to spend at least $167 million so HHS can feed, house, clothe, transport, and amuse the migrants.

Another immigration reform group found that in October alone, immigration authorities temporarily apprehended 46,195 illegal aliens attempting to cross the border, the most extreme surge since June 2014. More than 300,000 migrants have been let into the country by Obama’s policies since 2012.


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