Trump Team Blasts Politico Report on Private Security: ‘Complete Nonsense’

: A secret service agent monitors activity after Republican Presidential nominee Donald J. Trump held an event at the Eisenhower Hotel and Conference Center October 22, 2016 in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Trump delivered a policy speech announcing his plans for his first 100 days in office. (Photo by
Mark Makela/Getty Images

President-elect Donald Trump’s spokesman Jason Miller calls a recent Politico report about Trump’s private security team “complete nonsense.”

Politico reported that Trump will continue to use his private security team after he becomes president.

“The arrangement represents a major break from tradition. All modern presidents and presidents-elect have entrusted their personal security entirely to the Secret Service, and their event security mostly to local law enforcement, according to presidential security experts and Secret Service sources,” Politico’s Kenneth P. Vogel wrote in the article titled: Trump private security force ‘playing with fire.’

“Unfortunately, this seems part of the pattern for Politico, to take things widely out of proportion. Of course, President-elect Trump is going to continue to be surround by long-time allies and advisers,” Trump’s spokesman Jason Miller responded on Monday.

Miller said that Trump’s head of security and body guard Keith Schiller, who was a former New York City policeman and a veteran of the Navy, has been a long-time ally of Trump’s both in business and on the campaign trail.

“Now, obviously, the main duties of protecting the President-elect and soon-to-be president are of course done by the Secret Service who does a fantastic job,” Miller added. “This morning’s story was complete nonsense, just blowing it out of proportion.”


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