Bitter Liberals Post Selfies of Themselves Flipping Off Trump Tower

Pedestrians try to move through a slow moving crowd, behind police barricades, in front of Trump Tower in New York, Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016. (
AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Trump Tower is a tourist destination for thousands of people celebrating Donald Trump’s election.

Fans of the president-elect are stopping by to eat a taco bowl at the Trump Grill, visit the Trump bar, ride the famous escalators, and purchase Trump gear at the store. Others linger by the golden elevator doors, hoping to catch a glance at the president-elect or his children.

But for a minority, liberals who are still sad about the election, the sight of Trump Tower triggers them, prompting them to post pictures of themselves on Instagram flipping off the building with the president-elect’s name on it.

“Had to stop by and pay my respects while I was in town,” wrote one tourist.

Other snap pictures of their middle fingers with the Trump Tower in the backdrop.

“Well just had to since I’m American/Mexican F*ck that Puto,“ one man wrote while visiting.

“I hope this doesn’t come across as political or anything, but: Dear Donald, this holiday season my sister and I want to send a huge, throbbing f*ck you right up your ass,” wrote Deren Ney, a Guitarist and a songwriter.

“You’re a confessed rapist, a proud racist, and a cruel, ignorant man, with a nubby little pe*is like a turkey snood. May your daughter/object of your sexual desire Ivanka and your glycerine-sweating sons Uday and Qusay feast on the tiny, dirty balls of subway rats this Christmas, along with all of the window-licking morons who voted for you. Love, the Neys.”

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“It’s 6 AM and I have just landed in the United States,” wrote one international tourist. “This was the first thing on my agenda.”

Other people go through the trouble of going through security, just to photograph themselves in the building.

“Finally experienced the fu*kery of all the security around Trump Tower. This alone is enough to impeach this bastard. #notmypresident”

“Made a quick stop in a certain golden tower to take a piss today,” wrote another person.

“I waited 20 minutes in the freezing cold to cross a street because the stupid orange cheeto was leaving his gold turd tower,” wrote one person. “What an ass. It’s costing NYC $1 million per day to protect this self serving di*khead. #notmypresident #dumptrump

“Wanna take a shower after being in this gross nouveau riche monolith of xenophobia,” wrote one person, flipping off everyone in the building from the top of the escalator.

Others signaled their disappointment that Kanye West went to visit Trump.

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wake up mr west

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Fuck you donald!!!

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“Chase n Ellie take New York, disrespect buildings,” one couple wrote

Others cited Christmas and the Holidays as their reason for coming to the building to send a message to the president-elect.

“Getting in the holiday spirit,” another person in New York for Christmas wrote.

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Getting in the holiday spirit 🎄🖕🏻🍊

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“Share in the Christmas cheer!!” read the caption of a group photo of people flipping off the building.

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Share in the Christmas cheer!!

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“when I’m ny…f*ck fascism,” wrote one elderly man with the hashtag #newxmastraditionstarted

“Happy Holidays, shit bag. May you be impeached or worse in the New Year,” wrote one person. “I’m surrounded by Secret Service and militarized police. I just gave them a smile and a wink.”

Merry Cwissmass mista president wrote one woman, showing off her long red nails.

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Merry Cwissmass mista president xox

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“Overcome with #HOLIDAYSPIRIT,” one person wrote.

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Overcome with #HOLIDAYSPIRIT

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One person took a selfie of herself flipping off Trump Tower standing next to a young boy.

“Not a fan of the President,” she wrote with the hashtag #theycantdeportusall.

“When you run into this and won’t let it ruin the mood,” one woman wrote, with a plethora of hashtags including #fucktrump #notmypresident #recount #newelection #stolenelection #middlefinger #racist #donthecon #trumpprotest

“There is no vulgarity compared to what he has done and will do,” one couple wrote.

“I took this picture & high fived some protestors and got dirty looks from police officers because of it,” one woman wrote proudly.

Some others:

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Fuck you Donald Trump!

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Fuck Donald Trump

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As close as we could get to protest

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