Stephen Miller to Write Trump’s Inaugural Speech


President-elect Donald Trump tapped his senior White House policy adviser Stephen Miller to write his Inauguration speech.

“Early discussions of the address have focused on laying out some of the structural problems facing the country, and then framing Trump’s first-term agenda in more nationalistic than ideological terms,” Politico reports. “Among the half-dozen areas that Trump is considering issuing a collective call to arms to address are the nation’s education system, infrastructure, border security, the state of the military and the economy, in particular, the outsourcing of jobs.”

Miller, who worked for Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) prior to joining Trump’s campaign, wrote speeches for Trump for his campaign rallies as well as his address at the Republican National Convention.

“Steve’s a machine,” Trump’s spokesman Jason Miller stated. “I’ve literally seen him knock out three speeches in a day.”

In addition to drafting Trump’s inaugural address, Miller is also preparing Trump’s policy agenda for the first 100 days in office.

Politico reports Miller is also gathering help from others while he drafts Trump’s speech for next month, adding that Stephen K. Bannon, Trump’s senior White House counsel, is providing input for the speech as well.


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