Police: Man with Revoked FOID Card Had ’56 Handguns,’ 1000s of Rounds of Ammo

Police: Man with Revoked FOID Card Had ’56 Handguns,’ 1000s of Rounds of Ammo
Crystal Lake Police Department

When police searched the home of Donald F. Franz in Crystal Lake, Illinois, they found “56 handguns,” an unspecified number of long guns, and “thousands of rounds of ammunition.”

At one time, Franz had a Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card which had been revoked, but Illinois State Police will not say when or why.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Illinois State Police say it is not uncommon for former FOID card holders to retain their firearms unless they commit a crime which draws attention to themselves. State police Master Sgt. Matt Boerwinkle indicated that “the agency doesn’t have the manpower to… [confiscate] statewide, and [relies] on local police to follow up. Some local departments check on expired FOID card holders, he said, but many do not.”

In the case of Franz, he was pulled over in Chicago in April 2016 “after disregarding a red light.” He “showed signs of possible intoxication,” and police found “open alcohol containers [in his car], empty beer bottles, ammunition, an unloaded gun on the floor and a loaded handgun in the center console.” He was “charged with DUI and illegally possessing a firearm and ammunition without a valid FOID card.” On January 19 of this

On January 19 of this year, Franz was found “in his car” after police received a tip about a driver who was possibly impaired. When they approached Franz, he grew “uncooperative and combative.” They searched his car and “found a loaded gun and ammunition in the vehicle.”

He is also accused of calling Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission officials in December and leaving a voicemail that said, “My name is Don Franz… The day you suspend me, I’m going to stop taking my pills, I’m going to get my affairs in order, I am going to kill you. Have a nice day.” But state police will not say when exactly Franz’s FOID card was revoked.

Following the January 19 incident, police obtained a search warrant and found the “56 handguns,” numerous long guns, and ammunition.

The Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence wants more stringent confiscatory rules and also wants the state to require all gun owners to register their firearms. Illinois State Rifle Association director Richard Pearson responded to the council’s wishes, saying, “Well, with these people, it’s always a witch hunt for gun owners. They want the siren screaming and police ramming down your door.”

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