Poll of New Yorkers Finds Most Do Not Want Hillary to Run for Mayor

MANHATTAN, NY - The morning after loosing to Republican Nominee Donald Trump in the general Presidential election, Democratic Nominee for President of the United States former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, accompanied by former President Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Senator Tim Kaine and Anne Holton, speaks to supporters and campaign …
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The latest rumor floated by Hillary Clinton’s boosters is that she could be eying a run for mayor of New York City. But if the former Secretary of State is considering such a campaign, a new poll may disabuse her of that notion, as most respondents say they do not want her to run for the office.

With rumors of a Hillary run for the Big Apple’s mayor, Rasmussen polled 1,000 likely voters and asked them if they liked the idea. But 58 percent of those responding did not want to see Hillary Clinton go from losing Democratic presidential nominee to New York City mayoral candidate. Further, only 23 percent felt that the one-time New York Senator should run for mayor. 19 percent who responded to the telephone and online survey had no opinion on the question.

A Hillary campaign for mayor would present an uncomfortable situation for the city’s Democratic Party because Hillary would necessarily be in the position of challenging incumbent Democratic mayor Bill de Blasio.

De Blasio previously served as Clinton’s 2000 Senate campaign manager, but their relationship has reportedly chilled. Some point to the fact that it took de Blasio several months to endorse Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign as evidence that the two are no longer as supportive of each other as they once were.

But for Hillary to challenge de Blasio, that would be a step further than a mere chilly relationship.

Still, Hillary has not ruled out a run for the Big Apple’s top job, according to The Washington Post, so anything could happen.

The Rasmussen poll was held between March 2 and 5 and has a margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points.

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