WATCH: House in Upstate New York Is Completely Covered in Ice

A home on Lake Ontario in Webster, New York, was covered in ice after several days of freezing temperatures combined with winds and moisture from the lake.
John Kucko Digital

A photographer has captured the scene of a house completely encapsulated in ice in one of the snowiest areas of the country.

This house, not to be confused with an igloo, is in Webster, New York just outside Rochester. The area is home to lots of snow, freezing winter temperatures, and the moisture of the Great Lakes.

Put all of that together with high winds, and you get a house completely covered in ice.

John Kucko, the photographer behind the camera, says the area has experienced some pretty nasty weather recently.

“We had violent winds here the last five days,” Kucko told CNN. “Power was knocked out to 150,000 people. Some are still without power.”

Kucko said the property is actually an unoccupied beach house 25 feet away from the shore of Lake Ontario.

If you look closely enough, the house behind the ice looks completely unscathed. Kucko said the reason for this is because the house has a retaining wall to prevent situations like this from happening.

His video of the house has received national news coverage and Kucko says he’s a little “overwhelmed” by the coverage. He’s also gotten his fair share of critics who say the image is fake.

“Bit overwhelmed by the reaction the “Ice House” is getting. Many people think the images are photoshopped, they’re not. The video underscores that,” Kucko wrote on Facebook.


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