Exclusive — Leading Trumpocrat: Time for Paul Ryan to Resign, ‘I Just Don’t Know How He Can Be Trusted’

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 24: Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) holds a news conference in the House Visitors Center following a Republican caucus meeting in the U.S. Capitol March 24, 2017 in Washington, DC. In a big setback to the agenda of President Donald Trump and the Speaker, …
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One of the leading Trumpocrats, Billy Bova of Mississippi, is publicly calling for House Speaker Paul Ryan to do what is right by the country and President Donald Trump by resigning his position to move out of the way of the future of the Republican Party.

Bova was one of the key activists who was a lifelong Democrat who crossed over to support Trump for president against Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton—working with the Trumpocrats PAC, which helped flip tens of thousands of registered Democrats in the key battleground states of North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan.

In total, those states add up to 79 electoral votes—and without them, Trump would not have won the election. In each of those states, including especially razor thin margins over Clinton in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, it was the Trumpocrats who delivered the win—and the White House—to President Trump.

Bova made his comments in an exclusive interview on Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM 125 the Patriot Channel the morning after Ryan failed President Trump on healthcare.

“I think that it is time for him to go like it was time for [former Speaker John] Boehner to go like it was time for [former Speaker Nancy] Pelosi to go,” Bova told Breitbart News Saturday.

“President Trump is president because of 70-something-thousand registered mostly lifetime Democrat voters in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan—and those people bought into President Trump hard and were for him before they even supported him and voted for him because they love his America First populism. Our jobs first, our factories first, our legal citizens first, our military and veterans first.

“Those people understand that the establishment globalist corporatists of both parties—Republicans and Democrats—have sold them out. They’ve sold out our working and middle class here in America. They’ve sold out our country, people born here in America who were raised up and played by the rules and paid their taxes and are just looking for a level playing field.

“And they also realize that those folks that put President Trump in office, that he was correct on healthcare—that Obamacare should be repealed but you’ve got to do it in a way that gives people choice. It’s all about competition. The insurance companies have a monopoly. I live in the state of Mississippi—one health insurance company, Blue Cross Blue Shield, has 60 to 65 percent of the health insurance business. What if you lived in a state where AllState had 70 or 75 percent of the car insurance business? Everyone would be jumping up and down, screaming, ‘why can’t we get different insurance? I don’t need the ugly kind that they’re selling.’ So we have got to have competition in the marketplace.

“And Donald Trump is right, when we get competition in the marketplace. When people go to a restaurant they don’t want two items on the menu, they want 22 items to choose from on the menu because not everybody eats the same thing and not everybody needs to consume the same kind of health insurance or health care. It’s that simple.”

Bova said that a piece from Breitbart News’ John Carney detailing how Ryan is already contradicting President Trump’s administration on tax reform, the supposed next item on the agenda, is “exactly right” and questioned how President Trump can trust Ryan as he embarks on this next step.

“I don’t know how Donald Trump, President Trump and his advisers, how they are going to trust him in the future,” Bova said. “I think his credibility is basically destroyed here this past week as Speaker and as leader in the House of the Republicans on Capitol Hill.

“He dropped the ball, he tried to do an Obamacare Lite so as to not step on the toes of the big insurance companies and the status quo and the Big Pharma companies and all that stuff. I don’t know they could possibly trust him to try and give us a more fair and equitable and competitive tax structure. I just don’t know how he can be trusted to do that and to lead.

“It’s a shame, I’m sorry to say, but he was opposed to Donald Trump from the get-go. So was Mitch McConnell. Much of the leadership of the Republican Party in D.C. in the House and the Senate was opposed to him. I think they might smile and shake his hand, and slap him on the back and eat free lunch and dinner at the White House with him but I think they got back to themselves on Capitol Hill and they got their knives out again for him and for his White House and I certainly wouldn’t trust them from here on out.”

Bova said the failure of the American Health Care Act is entirely Paul Ryan’s fault, but undoubtedly Ryan’s mistakes will cause some “blowback” against President Trump. However, he added, the president can get back on track by steering clear of Ryan’s pet issues and focusing on what won him the White House.

“I think what we ended up with and unfortunately, the blowback—some of it is going to come back to the president—but he can rebound,” Bova said. “President Trump can rebound. He’ll recapture his narrative and get back on trade and economics and jobs and that kind of thing and illegal immigration and stuff like that.

“But I think what happened is Ryan and McConnell—especially Ryan and his top people over on the House side—figured they would just take the healthcare ball and run with it. I think this ultimately would have turned out differently if this had been Donald Trump and his top advisers and people there in the West Wing and in the White House, orchestrating it, laying it all out, writing it all out and explaining it to the people. I think we would have seen a much more different outcome than what we saw yesterday.

“I think Ryan and his gang of establishment, globalist, corporatist Republicans who want the health insurance companies to charge higher and higher premiums, who want the big pharmaceutical companies to charge higher and higher prices not lower prices, who want the big insurance companies to charge a 28-year-old completely healthy male another $200 a month for his health insurance because he has to have maternity leave benefits in it.

“I’m in my 50s, I’ve never needed maternity leave. I’ve needed basic, major medical health insurance as a working class person—American—middle-income American. I don’t need a $10,000 deductible, I need a $1,000 deductible.

“So I think it was just one more instance where the globalist, corporatist, establishment Republicans on the Hill led by Paul Ryan grabbed the ball, and took the ball and ran with it, and we ended up with this incredible debacle that unfolded this past week.”



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