John Kasich: Political Parties Are Becoming a Thing of the Past

The Associated Press

Ohio Gov. John Kasich predicts that political parties will soon be a thing of the past.

“In Ohio today, we’re more united,” Kasich said during an interview on CBS’s Face The Nation. “You know why? Because I’m not playing that stupid political game. And I think political parties are on their way out, essentially.”

Kasich referred to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and his efforts to “reconstruct” the Democratic Party.

“I think people care less about party,” Kasich said. “They want action and things done. But it’s not just politicians … it’s where you work and where you live and what you do.”

Kasich said during the interview that he agreed with some of the decisions President Donald Trump has made while in office and disagreed with others.

“The story about yanking people out of their homes, who have not committed a crime, once they’ve come into this country, dividing families more, I don’t agree with,” the Ohio governor said about the Trump administration’s immigration and deportation policies.

“I think what he did in Syria was correct,” Kasich added.

Kasich told Face the Nation’s John Dickerson that Trump has to face a steep “learning curve” with his job as president because he has never held public office.

“He seems to have toned down some of these things. But look, it’s 100 days, John. He’s never held public office. He’s learning. And there is a big learning curve.”

Kasich has been an adamant critic of Trump ever since the primaries of the 2016 election when the two candidates ran against each other.

But the Ohio governor and former presidential candidate is keeping busy; he’s hosting a town hall with CNN’s Anderson Cooper Monday, and his new book will be released Tuesday.


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