Shot Across the Bow: Daniel Defense Suppressors Introduced at NRA Annual Meetings

Daniel Defense

As the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits opened in Atlanta, Daniel Defense launched a suppressor line, adding hearing protection devices to their already impressive line of AR-15 rifles and components.

This shot across the bow comes as Michael Bloomberg-funded gun control groups, Gabby Giffords’ gun control group, and others unite in hopes of defeating suppressor deregulation contained in the Hearing Protection Act.

In a press release obtained by Breitbart News, Daniel Defense announced the DD Wave,  made of a “unique one-piece, 3D-printed Inconel construction [which] eliminates the need for welds [that are] typically the weakest points of a traditional suppressor-providing unmatched strength and durability.”

The DD WAVE is a “no tools quick-attach/detach” suppressor with coupling that “prevents carbon lock and securely mounts the suppressor to your weapon via a durable 17-4PH stainless steel muzzle device.” And the DD WAVE is designed to be easy to remove from the weapon, “even after extended use.”

On  March 13, Gabby Giffords’ gun control group suggested ear plugs provide better hearing protection that suppressors. The tweet said:

But Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership (DRGO) present empirical evidence showing ear plugs fail to fulfill gun controllers’ claims. In fact, DRGO shows firearm suppressors are the devices that actually provide the hearing protection necessary for sport shooters.

DRGO explained:

Hearing protection in the form of ear plugs or ear muffs, alone or in combination, can only reduce noise exposure by approximately 20-30 decibels. This limitation in noise reduction may still expose a firearms user to damaging levels of noise; 120 decibels is still louder than a car horn from three feet away. Thus, inside the canal and over the ear devices (i.e., ear plugs and ear muffs)—the only current generally available protection—are inadequate for impulse noise protection, and when used together they deafen the wearer to all external sound.

DRGO points to a study conducted by Dr. Matthew Branch, who also contributed to the DRGO position paper. His study found:

All suppressors offered significantly greater noise reduction than ear-level protection, usually greater than 50% better. Noise reduction of all ear-level protectors is unable to reduce the impulse pressure below 140 dB for certain common firearms, an international standard for prevention of sensorineural hearing loss… Modern muzzle-level suppression is vastly superior to ear-level protection and the only available form of suppression capable of making certain sporting arms safe for hearing.

The DD WAVE provides an option for shooters who want to throw away their ear plugs and muffs, and attach a device to their firearm that makes the sound manageable from the start.

AWR Hawkins is the Second Amendment columnist for Breitbart News and host of Bullets with AWR Hawkins, a Breitbart News podcast. He is also the political analyst for Armed American Radio. Follow him on Twitter: @AWRHawkins. Reach him directly at


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