Home Invasion Suspect Wearing Only Underwear Shot, Killed After Attacking Pastor and Family


An alleged home invader wearing only underway was shot and killed after breaking into a pastor’s home and attacking the pastor and pastor’s wife.

The incident occurred around 2 a.m. in Cypress, Texas.

According to ABC 13, Harris County Sheriff’s Sgt. Felipe Rivera said, “The door is kicked in and that’s how the family wakes up to discover the intruder in the residence.” Pastor Lorenzo Martinez and his wife, Gloria Martinez, were home–as were members of their extended family.

Pastor Martinez’s daughter, Naarai Olvera, said, “[The suspect] just started hitting my dad then he hit my mom, then my brother woke up and my brother started hitting him.” Olvera said the suspect punched her mother in the nose numerous times and was not fazed when her brother intervened to try to stop him. She said, “He just kept attacking, he would not stop.”

Sgt. Rivera said, “He wasn’t running from anybody. He was attacking. In my opinion, he was in an attacking mode.”

Olvera said the suspect eventually allegedly kicked in the door to the room in which her brother-in-law, his wife, and children slept. At that point the brother-in-law shot and killed the suspect. She added, “We are a Christian family, we don’t believe in killing anybody. But we had to do what we had to do to protect our family and protect our little kids.”

Investigators believe the suspect parked a Lincoln sedan about half a mile from the house, then walked to the house and attacked.

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