Delingpole: Trump Pulls out of Paris; Internet Shrieks that End Is Nigh


Let’s not get too excited just yet about reports that President Trump has made up his mind to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate agreement. We don’t know the terms and conditions. It is entirely possible that what we end up with is a fudge, designed to appease both warring factions in the administration but actually resulting in a muddled cop out which pleases no one.

Still, let’s look at the upside. The greenies are going postal:

Enjoy this moment. It could be the high point. It’s also an invaluable reminder of why the U.S needs to pull out fully from Paris and why it will be such a mistake if Trump pulls his punch.

We’re dealing not with science – still less with economics – but with a religion of crazed zealots quite incapable of rational thought or reasonable debate.

There can be no treating or compromising with such people, as Cersei understood when dealing with similarly dangerous loons – the Sparrows on Game of Thrones. Give them an inch – as I fear Trump may yet do – and these people will destroy you. And though I’m not suggesting that Trump literally employs the Cersei option against the eco zealots, I certainly think a bit of metaphorical Wildfire wouldn’t go amiss…


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