Tancredo: Plenty of Hate Speech Out There; Left Owns It and Results of It


On June 5, MSNBC commentator Thomas Roberts suggested Trump is deliberately “provoking” another terrorist attack on the United States so he can “prove himself right” about radical Islamists. Roberts suggested Trump doesn’t care about the consequences of his policies as long as he profits politically. This venomous charge was widely reported.

The allegation here is that by accurately identifying the threat to the West as radical Islam or “Islamism” we will inspire ISIS to new levels of barbarism is not itself new.

What must these pseudo-intellectual Trump haters have thought when on May 21 in Saudi Arabia the President attacked Islamism by name before an audience of the world’s Muslim leaders. He spoke bluntly and forcefully to Saudi King Salman and the assembled heads of 50 Arab and Muslim states.  No, Trump said, the common enemy is not “religious extremism,” it is Islamism, and Muslim leaders must join the battle to eradicate it.

And he went on. He told them to “drive out” the radical Islamists and save Islam from radicals who preached death and destruction, not peace and brotherhood. And he was vigorously applauded by the leaders of these Muslim nations who apparently don’t really understand their own religion or culture. 

The caldron of bizarre anti-Trump rhetoric is reaching stages of paranoia unparalleled in modern history.

According to the Alinskyite polarizers, Trump is relishing the prospect of expanding his dictatorial powers at the first opportunity. They are relishing the prospect of expanding his dictatorial powers at the first opportunity. They are testing the message that Trump has apparently adopted Rahm Emanuel’s dictum to not let a crisis go to waste but to use terrorist acts as a pretext to seize dictatorial powers. After all, Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus during the Civil War, so we can only imagine what a tyrant-by-temperament like Trump might do given half a chance

The tyrant theme is playing out on stage every night now in New York’s annual Shakespeare in the Park festival where the Bard’s play “Julius Caesar” is being presented with a new twist.  In this year’s production, Caesar, sporting orange-blond hair, opts for a blue sport coat and red tie instead of a toga before being stabbed to death on the Ides of March by Brutus.

The so-called “Resistance” seems to take pride in spawning a new brand of political warfare. The 20th Century’s “politics of personal destruction” is yielding to the politics of cultural assassination. 

The vicious anti-Trump “campaign against hate” is locked and loaded, as we can see from the shooting in Alexandria, Virginia by an angry, crusading Bernie Sanders supporter.

The left’s “hate the haters” campaign is the most blatant hypocrisy seen in American politics in a generation: the passionate hatred of Donald Trump drips from the lips and pens of street protestors, commentators, professors, cartoonists, and the legion of Hollywood spear carriers. Since Trump hates radical Islamists who behead children and burn Christians alive, he is a “Hater.” Therefore, he must be taken down—by any means necessary. Kathy Griffin, sharpen that knife! 

The mind shudders when asking, how far will this unparalleled demonization go? Will the climate change alarmists start a petition to name the first Category 5 hurricane of the season, Hurricane Donald? Certainly, such a natural disaster can be portrayed as a direct result of Trump’s irresponsible decision to abandon the Paris Climate Accords.

Will the next volcano that spews millions of tons of carbon into the atmosphere be baptized, “Trump’s Revenge”? The next Amtrak derailment will surely be blamed on Trump’s AmTrak budget cuts, and if Trump’s plan for privatization of Air Traffic Controllers is adopted, you know who will get blamed for the first airline crash? 

As Rush often says, “Don’t doubt me.”


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