Mom Leads Ballot Campaign To Regain Bathroom Privacy, Gets ‘Robust, Bipartisan Support’


Single-sex bathroom privacy has “robust, bipartisan support,” despite silence by the establishment media and bullying by transgender advocates, says the Washington state mom who is leading a campaign to help women and children regain privacy-protecting bathrooms and shower rooms.

Kaeley Triller Haver is heading Just Want Privacy, the group which is collecting signatures and donations to get Initiative 1552 on the ballot in Washington state. She needs 330,000 valid signatures by July 6, and she’s already got 164,1000 signatures.

If approved in the November election, her petition would allow Washingtonians to reverse a pro-transgender edict from an appointed state commission which eliminated government-run single-sex bathrooms and showers in the state. The ballot initiative would ensure that “all public school facilities such as restrooms, bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, or changing areas that are for use by more than one person at a time [be] designated for use by females only or for use by males only.”

“What’s unique about this issue that is distinct from most hot-button social issues we encounter is that it has such robust, bipartisan support,” she tells Breitbart News. “But you will never hear that” the media or from politicians, she added.

Multiple polls show that a large majority of Americans want to preserve single-sex facilities, even as most also try to be polite and friendly to the very few “transgender” people who wish to live as members of the other sex.

The state’s “predator loophole” was created in late 2015 by the appointed, five-member, Washington Human Rights Commission. The group quietly drafted an edict allowing “transgender” people to use the locker rooms, showers, spas, and restrooms that match their “gender expression” or “gender identity,” regardless of their actual male or female sex.

The edict enforced the transgender ideology, which claims that each person’s “gender identity” may be different from their male or female body, and that people should be allowed to switch their legal sex. The commission passed the edict even though nobody has proven the measurable existence of “gender identity,” and even though some people periodically and temporarily look and act like they are members of the opposite sex.

The establishment media and politicians are hiding the civic problems created by the commission’s edict allowing “transgender” people to change their legal sex, said Haver. The media and politicians want to claim that only conservatives oppose mixed-sex bathrooms and shower rooms in schools and bathing facilities, she said, adding:

We built this national coalition now – called Hands Across the Aisle – with women from the far left who are also on our side of this issue and who are not getting a word in and are routinely getting shut down. So, the country’s being invited to see this as some sort of conservative, bigoted kind of thing, when the reality is this is a women’s issue. ‘Gender identity’ essentially erases women’s rights.

She says her motivation comes from the fact that she is the mother of young children in a public school, and she was sexually abused for ten years, mostly in the shower.

Once she protested the elimination of single-sex facilities, she was fired from her job as a communications professional at the YMCA,  which aligned itself with the state’s Human Rights Commission. “I had actually caught sex offenders at the Y, so I know how they work,” she says. “My concern is now they would have even easier access.” In one month, she caught three sex offenders, she said.

Haver explains her superiors at the Y told her she was “closed-minded” when she voiced her objections to their plan to eliminate single-sex facilities. “They told me I had two options – either I could resign with severance as long as I agreed not to tell anyone what was happening with the Human Rights Commission, and the Y’s involvement with that, or I could just be fired on the spot,” she says. “So I said, ‘Fire me.’”

She stresses that even far-left women are losing their jobs and being otherwise dismissed over this issue. “I don’t think anyone knows how intense the leftwing] pushback is,” she explains.

“The bullying is very effective,” she asserts about the left-wing support for the transgender agenda. “Nobody wants to be [called] a ‘bigot.’”

Amid the media silence, many people do not realize that children as young as age 11 are getting medicated with cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers that will likely cause them to be sterile, she said.

Transgender advocates claim that they are facing the same discrimination suffered by African-Americans, but that claim is an “offensive conflation,” she said. “Transgender people already have equal rights to every single bathroom as anybody of the same biological sex,” Haver asserts. “They haven’t been lynched or denied the right to vote. It’s such an offensive comparison.”

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