Rick ‘Put a Bullet in Trump’ Wilson: POTUS Not ‘Pro-American’


There he goes again.

“Never Trump” establishment Republican consultant Rick Wilson believes President Donald Trump is not “pro-american.”

On Saturday, Wilson, who mocks random people on Twitter for spelling errors but apparently doesn’t know the difference between “every day” and “everyday,” wrote on Twitter that he thinks Trump is “neither pro-business nor pro-american as demonstrated everyday.”

On the morning after House Majority Whip Scalise (R-LA) was shot, Wilson claimed that a lot Trump’s supporters saw the shooting as a “blessing.” Wilson has previously told MSNBC’s left-wing audience that GOP donors should put a “bullet in Trump” and politicized a rape threat against his daughter to score political points:

John Nolte wrote at the time that “in all the years I’ve been on social media, I have never seen anyone — not even the lowest Leftist — use a threat of rape against their own child as a political talking point or debating point against a political opponent.” After he politicized the rape threat against his daughter, Wilson was immediately asked if he had gone to law enforcement and whether law enforcement officials asked him not to publicize the rape threat on social media.

Such anti-Trump comments get Wilson television time on MSNBC. Fittingly, he appeared on vile Joy Reid show’s on Saturday morning (Reid did not host the show apparently to tend to a family matter).

Reid, just days after Scalise shooting and while Scalise was fighting for his life, used her show to attack Scalise’s voting record, among other things.

The execrable AM Joy host’s comments were so appalling that even habitual Trump hater Joe Scarborough may have had to throw some shade at his colleague:


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