Steve King on Sessions: No One’s Ridden for the Trump Brand Any Better or Any Stronger or Any Earlier 

Whatever It Takes, Steve King

Representative Steve King of Iowa joined Curt Schilling on Wednesday’s edition of “Whatever it Takes” to praise Jeff Sessions in light of recent tension between President Trump and the attorney general.

Shilling opened with, “The stuff happening on Twitter around Attorney General Sessions with the president. It’s the first time I can tell you, in all honesty, I’m incredibly disappointed in the approach my president has taken with regards to the attorney general.”  

King agreed with Schilling’s assessment. He responded: 

I’ve had employees for 42 years in our construction company and through politics as well. When you put on that uniform, you ride for the brand, and I don’t think anybody’s ridden for the Trump brand any better or any stronger or any earlier than Jeff Sessions has. He’s done a lot to help lay out the Trump agenda, articulate it, and he’s been loyal as he could be. He made a decision. I think too he should have consulted with the president. But I don’t think Jeff Sessions conscience let him do anything else other than recuse himself. This was months ago. So, why does this come up now? If this was going to be an issue, it should have been an issue in the first 24 hours.

He continued: 

My advice now if anybody is listening particularly to the president and Jeff Sessions is this that ride this thing out get this resolved Steve Bannon went through some pretty rough waters and he stabilized now and effectively I believe and I think Jeff Sessions needs to ride this out and defend this to the last man because it’s so important to our country that we have a rule of law attorney general that can actually carry out the Trump agenda.

Trump has voiced ongoing criticism of Sessions on several topics, most prominently the attorney general’s decision to recuse himself from investigations on Russian interference in the 2016 election. 

The president called out the attorney general on Wednesday for refusing to fire acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe. 

He also labeled Sessions, “VERY weak” on Tuesday for a lack of investigation on intelligence leaks and “Hillary Clinton crimes.”

Sessions has yet to resign or be fired as attorney general. He has received broad support throughout the conservative movement as he has come under fire from the president.


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