Brady Campaign Boasts They Shamed ‘Dear Abby’ into Supporting Gun Control

Abigail Van Buren, Chicago Sun Times

In a July 31 email to supporters, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence boasted that they shamed “Dear Abby” into shifting from being neutral on guns to being pro-gun control.

Breitbart News has a copy of the email which the Brady Campaign sent to supporters. It begins by saying, “You are amazing! Remember ASK Day, June 21, when Dear Abby published a column telling a mother that she should NOT ask about guns in the homes where her child will be playing because it would be ‘off-putting?’ We told you about it and asked you to contact Dear Abby. You did, and she quickly turned around and published a retraction.”

The Brady Campaign goes on to suggest that Dear Abby came full circle in response to the pressure, and ran a pro-gun control column on July 31.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Dear Abby’s July 31 column begins with a comment from “Colleen,” who claims to be trained in nursing and psychology. Colleen says:

I am a Yale-trained pediatric nurse with a post-master’s as a psychiatric nurse practitioner. I respectfully ask that you retract your answer to “First-Time Mom in New Jersey” (June 21). I’m concerned your response will encourage other mothers to buy into the incorrect assumption that it’s “impolite” to ask questions that ensure their child’s safety. You should have encouraged and empowered “First-Time Mom” to politely ask about the presence of weapons in the other parents’ homes, and if so, how they are stored. It’s important information for her to have.

Dear Abby responds:

Of course you are right. The woman’s question wasn’t about etiquette. It was about child safety. A large number of readers besides you agreed my perspective was off. I have heard all of you loud and clear, and I apologize. I should have advised: “You are responsible for your child’s welfare. Part of assuring her safety involves asking whether weapons are on the premises and, if so, what safety precautions have been taken.”

The Brady Campaign is so elated over Dear Abby’s change of heart that they used their July 31 email to let supporters know Dear Abby will go even further on August 1. They wrote, “And tomorrow she’ll publish even more letters on keeping kids safe from guns! So, you not only helped inform her, you turned Dear Abby into an advocate!”

The Brady Campaign closes the email by telling their followers that a gift of $21 will buy “100 brochures” to share the good news of gun control at doctor’s offices around the country.

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