Trump Will Argue Cutting Business Taxes Will Make America a ‘Jobs Magnet’

Donald-Trump-Boxing Ready

President Donald Trump is preparing to bet that he can persuade Americans that cutting taxes on business is a crucial step in making America great again.

The president will speak Wednesday afternoon in Springfield, Missouri, kicking off the White House’s push for tax reform. While many details of the plan are still being worked out behind closed doors in the nation’s capital, when eventually released the plan will likely cut the top corporate rate.

White House officials say that they are confident that American voters, and Trump supporters in particular, will understand that our high corporate tax rate is a “made in America” tax.

“From an American worker’s perspective, it’s basically a made-in-America tax. If you look at where our business tax rate is compared to the rest of the world, if you don’t flatten that out, if you don’t bring that down, get us more in line with the rest of the world, give us a competitive advantage or at least level the playing field, it makes no sense,” Cliff Simms, the White director of message strategy, told Breitbart News. “And so by slashing America’s business tax rate, we’re going to once again make America a desirable country for business formation and growth.  Or as the President would say, we’re going to be the great jobs magnet of the world again.”

Persuading people that cutting taxes on corporate profits is in line with the country’s populist mood might be a tough sell, particularly since it will inevitably be attacked in the media and by the president’s critics. White House officials argue that cutting loopholes and special tax provisions created by corporate tax lobbyists will make the tax code simpler and less “rigged” to the more connected.

What’s more, the White House thinks that its message on business taxes will resonate.

“I think that the media underestimates the economic understanding of the American worker out there — middle-class, rural, blue-collar folks in Michigan and Ohio and Pennsylvania and other states around the country who have watched the tax code, the tax system as it is today play a huge role in their factories closing and being shipped overseas,” Simms said. “They totally understand competitiveness and totally understand how this is going to — in the President’s words — help us win again.”


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