One Student Attends College’s Meeting on Campus Carry Questions/Concerns

George Mason college student carries a gun on campus
Melissa Golden/AP Photo

Georgia College held a meeting this week to address questions and concerns regarding campus carry–and one student showed up.

Breitbart News reported that only one person attended a similar meeting at Augusta University during the last week of August. That one person was not even a student.

Campus carry took effect in Georgia on July 1, 2017. It means public universities and colleges are no longer victim-rich zones where students with concealed carry permits are forced to move about campus without their most trusted means of self-defense.

According to the Union-Recorder, Georgia College held a meeting Tuesday for students with questions and/or concerns, and one student attended. Public Safety Chief Don Challis followed through with the meeting for that one student, saying:

First off this is not my law. I didn’t push it, but we get to carry it out. So my politics aside I’m going to say this is not my law, but it’s our job to enforce it. We have a lot of guidance that comes from the Board [of Regents] office to make sure that the policy is implemented consistently system-wide.

Challis ran through various scenarios in which concerned students or faculty might think someone is carrying improperly or illegally and call campus police for help. He then said:

I’ve checked with the dean of students, I’ve checked with my VP, I’ve checked with HR, and our own records and we’ve had zero calls about this. Not a one and that’s fairly consistent with what the state has seen… This has been a non-story for us, which I’m glad is the case. We’ve had nobody come forward and nobody protest. I think some schools might have that, but we just don’t have that here. We have a liberal arts population.

Breitbart News spoke with Georgia Carry’s executive director, Jerry Henry, about the campus carry meeting at Georgia College, and he said, “The fact that only one student attended proves what we always predicted. We said all along that campus carry would have no effect on student life, nor would it interfere with classroom studies, other than rendering the campus a safer place. Once the emotional whining of the anti-gunners died down, the opposition died down as well. Obviously, no one is concerned about anything but studies. Now, it’s just like any other day at the office.”

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