Donald Trump Praises ‘Loyal’ Luther Strange Despite Filibuster Flip Flop

President Donald Trump and appointed U.S. Senator Luther Strange.
Jim Watson/AFP/Getty, Mario Tama/Getty

President Donald Trump again sent a message of support for appointed Alabama Senator Luther Strange as he faces a contentious Republican primary.

“I am supporting ‘Big’ Luther Strange because he was so loyal & helpful to me!” Trump wrote on Twitter on Wednesday morning.

But despite Strange’s support for most of Trump’s agenda, he struggled with the president’s desire to kill the 60-vote threshold for the Senate filibuster.

In April, Strange signed a letter with senators urging Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Sen. Charles Schumer to keep the existing Senate tradition of a 60-vote threshold.

After struggling in the first round of primary voting, Strange flipped his position, sending a letter to change the filibuster rule.

Strange has also failed to co-sponsor the RAISE Act immigration bill that was endorsed by President Trump during a White House, despite tepid support for some of the principles included in the bill.

The appointed Alabama Senator has largely voted with Republicans and Mitch McConnell on Senate bills, including the effort to replace Obamacare.

Strange also voted with Republicans and Democrats to impose more sanctions on Russia, something that Trump was vocally opposed to before he begrudgingly signed it.

Trump plans to travel to Alabama on Friday to campaign for Strange, despite polling showing more support for his Republican anti-establishment primary opponent Roy Moore.


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