Mitch McConnell: Tax Reform Up After Putting Obamacare Repeal Aside

Mitch McConnell, John Barrasso

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Republican leadership announced on Tuesday that they will move on to working on tax reform after telling reporters there would not be a vote on the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill.

“Where we go from here is tax reform,” said McConnell who added that Sens. Bob Corker and Pat Toomey had reached an agreement on budget resolution parameters.

“The Budget Committee will be marking up next week,” said McConnell, adding they were ready to move on to the most significant tax code reform in 30 years.

Sen. Lindsey Graham thanked President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence for working with them on healthcare. He told reporters that they have come a long way, while admitting that they will be putting healthcare aside until after they deal with tax reform.

Sen. Bill Cassidy announced that they would not be voting on the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill this week as they had planned due to a lack of votes. “Through events that are under our control, not under our control, we don’t have the votes,” he told reporters.

On Wednesday, President Trump will travel to the Indiana State Fairgrounds where he will “deliver remarks on the historic tax cuts and reforms that he has been working on with members of Congress,” according to White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. He will discuss details of a framework for tax reform including “specific proposed rates for individuals, small businesses, and corporations, and he will also discuss the elimination of loopholes that have rigged the current tax code in favor of the wealthy and well-connected.”

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