Mandalay Bay 2012 Security Guidelines: Private Security Guards Cannot Be Armed

AP Photo
AP Photo/John Locher

Mandalay Bay Convention and Events Center guidelines approved in 2012 for private security personnel make clear that such guards must adhere to a ban on “weapons of any type.”

The guidelines summarize such weapons as “guns, knives, nightsticks, mace, pepper spray, stun guns etc.,” all of which are designated as “strictly prohibited on Mandalay Bay property.”

The 2012 guidelines state that “Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies may carry weapons on Mandalay Bay property in the performance of their official duties,” but the guidelines stipulate that “these agencies must contact Mandalay Bay Security Management prior to arriving on property.”

On October 2, Breitbart News contacted the number listed for Mandalay Bay Conventions & Special Events Security Manager/Coordinator to ask if the 2012 security guidelines—including the firearms ban—are still in place. We asked if private security guards were bound by those guidelines during the heinous October 1 attack on concert goers. The gentleman on the phone said he was “not at liberty to discuss what happened last night” nor to discuss what Mandalay Bay does on its property.

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