New York Mag: ‘Breitbart Wing’ of White House Aims to End DACA


In The Daily Intelligencer section of  New York Magazine, Eric Levitz refers to Stephen Miller as Breitbart’s favorite White House adviser and the driving force behind the administration’s new hard-line stance on immigration, legal and illegal:

Donald Trump has called on Congress to grant DACA recipients some form of protection from deportation. And he has suggested that if Congress fails to give such protection to these law-abiding, gainfully employed undocumented immigrants — who were brought to the United States as children — then he might protect them, himself, through executive action.

Last month, he discussed the parameters of a “deal” on DACA with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi — and agreed to a “legal status” for “border security” swap. Weeks earlier, Trump had contemplated holding the entire government hostage for funding for his border wall. But after his meeting with the Democrats, the president announced that he would not hold the Dreamers’ future hostage to that demand, saying, “The wall will come later.”

All of which is to say: Trump has given congressional Democrats every indication that he does not see legal status for Dreamers as a painful concession to his enemies, but rather, as a good in and of itself.

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