Josh Hawley Launches U.S. Senate Campaign in Missouri Against Democrat Claire McCaskill

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Josh Hawley for Senate

Josh Hawley, the conservative Attorney General of Missouri,  launched his U.S. Senate campaign late Monday against incumbent Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) with a campaign video featuring his family.

Hawley says in the video, featuring his wife and kids around the kitchen table:

The D.C. career crowd just keeps on doing the same old thing, And you know, the system works pretty well for them – they’re connected. But here in Missouri, we know too many people who can’t get a job. Or if they’ve got a job they can’t get a raise. Farmers are hurting and that means farm kids can’t come home. And as for healthcare and taxes – they just keep going up. Erin and I have decided we have to do something about it. And that’s why next year I’m going to run for the United States Senate. This isn’t something we were planning to do. But we believe we have to do all we can to win a better future for our country. Senator McCaskill – she’s been in D.C. forever. She’s turned her back on farmers. She’s ignored working families. She’s been wrong on every Supreme Court nominee for the last 11 years. She doesn’t represent us. It’s time to do something new. America is an exceptional place, and it’s still a young country. Its future is worth fighting for. So let’s get ready and do our part.

Hawley, who is only 37-years-old, is likely to unite conservatives in his bid for Senate as economic nationalist leaders nationwide have had their eye on his potential campaign for some time. His decision to throw his hat in the ring comes as the Washington establishment of the Republican Party, particularly Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his allies like Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), come under an enormous amount of scrutiny from the American people.

This also comes on the heels of Judge Roy Moore’s conservative insurgent win in Alabama over establishment-backed appointed incumbent Sen. Luther Strange—despite millions upon millions of wasted dollars McConnell and his allies poured into Alabama to stop Moore.

Hawley’s campaign team is populated with the staff of conservative former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a top national leader in the Republican Party during his time in the governor’s mansion and during the 2016 presidential campaign. Jindal was one of 17 candidates who ran in 2016 for the GOP presidential nomination, and he ended up withdrawing before voting took place—but he always ran as an anti-establishment conservative and won the respect of the grassroots.

Jindal’s former chief of staff and campaign manager Timmy Teepell, who is a senior adviser to the newly launched Hawley campaign, told Breitbart News that McCaskill—a Democrat who has been overtly partisan and has refused to seek out bipartisan solutions that would benefit Missourians—should be worried about Hawley.  Teepell said:

t’s going to be a competitive race, internal polling confirms that, and I am sure Claire has the same numbers. McCaskill is so mobbed up with D.C. Democrats and the do-nothingness in Washington, that she’s forgotten about Missouri. Next year, voters will have another choice. General Hawley’s focus will remain on his duties as Attorney General. He will begin making campaign stops and a more formal campaign kickoff next year – when there’s actually an election.

Also on the Hawley campaign is fellow former Jindal chief of staff Kyle Plotkin, and former Jindal communications adviser Gail Gitcho is helping advise Hawley as well. Hawley, many top economic nationalist leaders tell Breitbart News, is definitely someone to watch in 2018 as a revolt against the political class brews.

McCaskill is viewed as a very weak candidate, as she barely survived her last bid for re-election in 2012, when she was expected to be handily defeated, as her opponent then-Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) made a gaffe when discussing abortion that crushed his campaign. Akin had used the awkward and off-putting phrase “legitimate rape” when discussing rare cases of exceptions for when an abortion would be acceptable to someone who is pro-life. The misstep severely hurt his campaign, and McCaskill had seized on it to survive in her Senate seat for one more term.

This time, Republicans believe with the young, dynamic, and conservative Hawley they will not have such a mistake–and can once and for all finally defeat the out-of-touch Claire McCaskill.



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