Watch: Veterans Day Shoot Features Machine Guns and Grateful Hearts for Men of Courage

AWR Hawkins/Instagram
AWR Hawkins/Instagram

Breitbart News was able to meet and thank numerous veterans at Battle Tested Equipment’s (BTE) annual Veterans Day Shoot.

The event acknowledges and honors veterans by giving them the opportunity to come out to the range and shoot numerous machine guns and semiautomatic rifles.

Veterans from Iraq, Afghanistan, Desert Storm, and the Vietnam War were present.

When veterans arrived at the shoot, they quickly saw tables full of machine guns from different eras, magazines full of ammunition, and BTE’s George Urmston ready to load a gun and carry it to the line for any of the veterans to shoot.

Veterans also brought their own guns, and they and their family members stood on the line and fired personal weapons while others were shooting the full autos.

We spotted a Vietnam War veteran named Mike standing among the machine gunners, steadily popping off rounds with his semiautomatic pistol:

Toward the end of the line was Joe, who got a big smile on his face when he explained how proud he is of his son’s service:

We also met Mike Walker, a veteran of the Afghanistan War who sustained significant injuries while fighting for our country. Mike was easy to spot: he was the guy with the “Don’t Tread on Me” shirt who was walking his kids from gun to gun, explaining the different uses/applications for each.

Throughout the shoot, Navy veteran Jeff Smith was working the line, making sure that all guns were being handled safely and calling cease fires for target readjustment and to lower the noise level just enough that Urmston could address the veterans.

BTE let Breitbart News step up and fire a mounted version of their M4-AZ full auto. The gun was outfitted with anti-aircraft sights and certainly a favorite among those in attendance:

God bless our veterans. Their courage and selflessness in service to country cannot be overstated and must never be forgotten.

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