Vietnam War

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Pinkerton: Democrats Should Beware the Ides of Midterms 

The embattled Republican president is besieged by hostile Democrats and an even more hostile media, who regard him as politically dubious (he was, after all, elected with less than a majority of the popular vote), ideologically out of step (he is deemed “wrong” on the big issues of the day), and personally gauche, even repulsive (the mocking of his physical appearance is perhaps the most savage in American history).

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California Democrat Apologizes for Silencing Republican Nguyen

California Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León took “full responsibility” for his controversial ejection of Republican State Sen. Janet Nguyen (R-Garden Grove) from the floor of the legislature last week, after she criticized late liberal State Sen. Tom Hayden for his opposition to the Vietnam War.

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#NeverthelessShePersisted: Nguyen Emerges as Answer to Warren

Democrats removed State Senator Janet Nguyen (R-Garden Grove) from the floor of the legislature after she dared to criticize the late State Sen. Tom Hayden, a liberal icon, for his opposition to the Vietnam War. Now, the Los Angeles Times‘ Christine Mai-Duc

Obama Has No Time for Medal of Honor to Decorated Vietnam War Medic

Obama Has No Time Left for Medal of Honor to Decorated Vietnam War Medic

Outgoing President Barack Obama appears not to have the time to bestow the military’s highest award for valor, the Medal of Honor, to former U.S. Army Spc. Jim McCloughan, 70, for his personal acts above and beyond the call of duty as a medic during the Vietnam War.


Virgil: How a Newly Elected Republican President Can Gain 17 Points in His Re-Election Campaign

In earlier installments, we examined the 2016 elections and their impact on the Democrats. We have also pondered the likely contours of the 2018 midterm elections and how Republicans might think about solidifying their Congressional majority. Now, we will look through the prism of history at the 2020 presidential election by studying Richard Nixon’s presidency.

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Mass. Rep. Seth Moulton Demands Obama Admit 400% More Syrian Refugees, Now

A Massachusetts left-wing congressman in a closely-held letter passed to Breitbart News called on colleagues to ramp up the flow of Syrian refugees less than 48 hours after terrorist Omar Mateen executed 49 revelers at Orlando’s Pulse gay nightclub and wounded at least 50 more.

US boxing heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali pictured 11 days before the famous "Rumble in the Jungle" fight against George Foreman in Kinshasa in 1974

Muhammad Ali No Hero, Just a Hypocrite, for Dodging Draft

Ted Williams lost five seasons to World War II and the Korean War. We look at the 521 home runs and .344 lifetime batting average and think: what might have been? Muhammad Ali lost more than three years in his prime to the Vietnam War, and some also ask: what might have been?

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Vandals Deface Memorial To Vietnam War POWs

Vandals in Venice defaced a memorial to Vietnam War veterans who were Prisoners Of War (POW) or who never returned home because Missing In Action (MIA).

U.S. President Barack Obama is given flowers by Linh Tran, the ceremonial flower girl, as he arrives on Air Force One at Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi, Vietnam, Sunday, May 22, 2016. The president is on a weeklong trip to Asia as part of his effort to pay more …

Families Urge Obama to Petition Vietnam on POWs

The families of U.S. servicemen want Barack Obama to petition Hanoi for information on prisoners of war still not accounted for after the conclusion of the Vietnam War.

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Vietnam Marines Reunite to Recreate 50-Year-Old Longboard Photo

Four U.S. Marine veterans, who fought together during the Vietnam War, reunited for the first time in 50 years last weekend to recreate an iconic moment they had captured on camera in their youth, the Naples Daily News reports.

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The Ferguson Effect and the Self-Destruction of the Academy

In 1967, University of California president Clark Kerr was fired by the Board of Regents for being too lenient in dealing with student protests. On Monday, Tim Wolfe of the University of Missouri resigned because he had not been lenient enough.