Roy Moore: ‘We’ve Got to Go Back to God’ to Save Our Country

Moore, Bannon on stage
AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

Republican Senate Candidate Roy Moore campaigned in Alabama Tuesday night, just one week out from the election.

Moore spoke to the audience after his supporters, including Breitbart News chairman Steve Bannon, rallied the crowd to finish the fight against the establishment political system in Washington D.C.

“We’ve got to go back to God, we’ve got to go back to restore the morality of this country,” Moore said.

Moore campaigned with Bannon in the same barn as during the Republican primary, when he was locked in a battle against the establishment. A bluegrass band opened up the rally, where Moore supporters gathered at the close of a grueling campaign.

The former judge quoted Ephesians 6, reminding voters that they were fighting a spiritual battle against the forces of evil, urging them to “take up the armor of God.”

He acknowledged that he had been attacked on all sides in the election, but would continue to fight on their behalf.

“We’ve struggled, but we’ve overcome,” Moore said. “And I think that on December 12 we’ll see an election that the world won’t forget.”

Moore read from Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech, putting the country’s current struggle in the same lens — patriots struggling against an overbearing federal government that was ignoring the issues important to them.

“What has there been in the conduct of the American government in the last 10 years to justify those hopes that so many have been pleased to solace themselves?” he asked. “Nothing.”

Moore cast the race in terms of an ongoing battle against the establishment in Washington to support President Donald Trump’s agenda.

“They don’t want me up there, I know that,” he said. “They would rather have a Democrat up there than me in the Republican party.”

Moore promised to stand for the sanctity of marriage, the unborn, and belief in God and religion and to oppose leftist issues like allowing transgender people into bathrooms of their own choice and bringing transgender soldiers into the military. He also condemned Roe vs. Wade as a violation of the Constitution and vowed to fight for pro-life issues.

“I will never backtrack on that,” he said.

Moore recalled that Donald Trump’s election lifted a great burden from his shoulders after he realized that America had another chance to succeed.

“We do have another chance,” he said, “But if we don’t take the opportunity to address the issues in this country, we’re going to lose it.”

He also vowed to support Trump to stop illegal immigration, build the wall, fix existing trade deals like NAFTA, and repeal Obamacare.

“You know what I think, I think they’re afraid that I’m going to take Alabama values to Washington,” he concluded. “And I want to tell you, I can’t wait.”


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