Nolte — Pragmatism v. Cake Baking: Christians Can Vote for Roy Moore in Good Conscience

Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Alabama, Roy Moore, speaks at a campaign rally
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Because I believe that even in the court of public opinion a fellow American deserves due process, unlike too many out there, until all the facts were in, I kept my mouth shut about the allegations against Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Rather than immediately cave to the corrupt media and #NeverTrump’s tribal pressure to do the right thing and denounce the Alabama Republican… I waited — I waited because the media lies. I waited because #NeverTrump lies. And now that all the evidence is in, we know that the allegations against Moore are either completely trumped up, an act of outright fraud, or full of massive holes.



Beverly Nelson

Nelson is a straight up forger and liar. She altered a document (the infamous yearbook) but only told us so after she got caught, after both she and her attorney Gloria Allred (see the videos here) told us Roy Moore had written what Nelson now admits she wrote (Moore denies writing any of it). That is the textbook definition of forgery.

Anyone who calls what Nelson did anything other than a forgery is spreading fake news. Nelson also claims she had no contact with Moore after the alleged incident in the late 70s. But Moore was the judge who ruled against her in a 1999 divorce. Moreover, the divorce papers signed by Moore have that very same mysterious “D.A.” that appears after the yearbook signature — which puts the signature itself well into the realm of reasonable doubt.

Anyone who gives Nelson’s assault allegations any credence is engaging in partisan tribalism.

Tina Johnson

Johnson told the left-wing that Moore groped her backside in 1991 while she was in his office “on legal business” because her “mother had hired Moore to handle the custody petition.”

Yeah, no.

The truth is that Moore represented Johnson’s mother in a nasty custody battle that pitted mother against daughter — and Moore’s accuser is the one who lost. It was only later, after’s reporting was fact-checked, that we learned the entire truth, that “Moore’s client filed numerous court documents with allegations against Johnson. In one affidavit, Cofield stated that Johnson ‘has a violent nature and has been treated by a psychiatrist when she was approximately 15 years of age.’”’s claim that Johnson was in Moore’s office because her “mother had hired Moore to handle the custody petition” is a massive lie of omission. How are we supposed to believe any other part of this story when it opens with lies?

Leigh Corfman

Corfman told the left-wing Washington Post that Moore molested her as a 14-year-old.  The Post then spun a narrative about how this molestation had immediately sent Corfman into a spiral of “drinking, drugs, boyfriends, and a suicide attempt when she was 16.”

There is just one problem: that is a lie, and contemporaneous court records prove it.

Dating Teenagers

While I personally am uncomfortable with a 32-year-old man dating 16 and 17-year-olds, it is not only not illegal (the age of consent was and is 16 in Alabama), it was not at all uncommon in the South 40 years ago. Moore did not break the law. He did not violate social mores. These allegations are not allegations, they are a way for a corrupt media to fraudulently pad the number of Moore’s accusers to a shocking number.

There is so much reasonable doubt here, so much fraud and lying on the part of the Washington Post,, and Beverly Nelson, that it would take a jury about eight-minutes to acquit, and that is only if you include seven-minutes for lunch.

The pressure the media and the political establishment put on decent people to denounce a fellow human being (especially an anti-establishment Southern Republican) is enormous, but decent people cannot be quislings who, without knowing all the facts, run from the tension in favor of an immoral peace.

This is America, and in America we do not consign a fellow human being to historical infamy based on questionable allegations. I have said the same about Woody Allen. I have said the same about Bryan Singer. I have said the same about George Takei. And because I waited before joining the mob, I can say it about Roy Moore without having to first pull my foot out of my cowardly mouth.



Like most of us, Roy Moore is a flawed man. There are things about him I admire (his unapologetic faith, his service in Vietnam). There are things about him that trouble me (the way he talks about gays and Muslims). Nevertheless, if I lived in Alabama, I would still vote for him with a perfectly clear conscience.

A lot of people who despise Christians are questioning the Christianity of those supporting Roy Moore. This is a cynical attempt at emotional blackmail, but let me go ahead and explain the obvious anyway…

The choice between flawed men like Donald Trump and Roy Moore and 99 percent of Democrats is a shockingly easy one for any Christian, because it is the choice between pragmatism and slavery.

Look at the left and our media today, look at just how far these fascists are willing to go to enslave us by means of the state and social pressure…

1) Although they told us gay marriage would have no effect on our lives, the left are now using the powers of the state to force Christian bakers and florists to choose between staying in business or participating in the sacramentalization of a sin that is a same-sex wedding. The state forcing you to do work you do not want to do is the textbook definition of slavery.

2) Through the power of the state, the left is demanding all of us, including the Little Sisters of the Poor, violate our conscience through the providing of birth control and abortion pills.

3) The media is pressuring everyone to REVEAL YOUR POLITICS.

4) Social Justice Warriors on social media bullied a troubled porn star into suicide for expressing a healthy caution about performing with men who have had sex with other men. So much for “My body, my choice.”

5) Your twelve-year-old daughter will look at the mentally ill man’s penis.

This is the left now, folks…

You will bake the cake, you will pay for abortions, you will have sex with gay men, you will tell us how you voted, and your child will look at the penis…

These people are monsters, and putting a flawed man in power over a monster is a ridiculously easy choice for any Christian, or any person of conscience.



The world is not perfect. People are not perfect. God Himself has oftentimes chosen the wildly imperfect to do His work. The saints were not all saints, not even close. Look it up. I am in no way suggesting that God chose Roy Moore, but that God is pragmatic enough to choose the imperfect is a lesson that should not be lost on those of us having our Christianity questioned by self-righteous secularists.

And when faced with such a binary choice…

I choose the imperfect over cake baking.

I choose pragmatism over slavery.

And I easily choose Roy Moore over a wild-eyed leftist like Doug Jones.

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