Roy Moore: ‘This Campaign Was About Truth’ and ‘What This Nation Was Founded Upon’

Brian Anderson/AP

“What was this campaign about?” Stephen K. Bannon, Executive Chairman of Breitbart News, asked Breitbart News Tonight guest Judge Roy Moore on the eve of the biggest election day in his public career and one that may define the future of the populist-nationalist movement.

“This campaign was about truth, about right, about what this nation was founded upon, what we must return to to have the nation again be whole,” Moore said of the swiftly nationalized race for Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s former U.S. Senate seat. “We’ve got to get away from this politics by party and put principle over party and stand up for what we’re founded upon.”

“It’s the people and what they feel,” Moore added, after reciting the opening of the Declaration of Independence as the distillation of those principles. “This is what I think [President Donald] Trump is about, I think it’s what I’m about, and, I think, what politics must be about.”

Bannon then asked Moore if he ever imagined the Republican establishment being the “biggest opposition” to his campaign, even more so than liberal Democratic opponent Doug Jones. “It’s making them identify [themselves],” Moore said. “There’s still good Republicans up there. There’s still good senators. But there’s a lot that just want to keep it the way it is.”


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