Audio: CO Cop Killer Matthew Riehl Tells 911 He’s Been Drinking, Willing to Murder over Spat with Gay Lover

Matthew Riehl Livestream Video Compilation - 911 Call, Police Encounter, and Gunfire

Colorado cop killer Matthew Riehl called 911 Sunday, talked about scotch, firearms, and a spat he had with his gay lover.

Two 911 calls were placed Sunday morning, one by Riehl’s “roommate” and one by Riehl himself.

Riehl’s call began:

Dispatcher: What is the address of your emergency?

Riehl: I’m on County Line road. … This guy invited me to his house. He was kind of like moving and he totally freaked out on me. And he’s coming at me and, okay, I’m worried about his health, he didn’t know what year it was. He’s like, ‘Do you know what time it is?’ and I said, ‘I know, Yes,’ and I gave him the time but he didn’t know what year it was. He kept coming at me [so] I put a laser in his eye. because I feared for my health and my safety. I do have some weapons. I own firearms.  I’ve had some scotch.

Riehl went on to say he’d been on Periscope telling his story, and added, “I’m not here to hurt anybody but yes, I do have firearms.”

When Douglas County Sheriff’s deputies arrived Riehl said, “I want to file a domestic restraining order against my domestic partner.”

9 News reports that Riehl got the deputies out of the apartment without securing a restraining order and screamed for them to “go away.”  The deputies apparently remained in the apartment complex and the video montage then presents audio of Riehl asking deputies to “identify” before he opened fire on them. Afterward he shouted, “They broke my door,” “They broke my door in.”

During the Periscope video Riehl addressed “a person he calls both his roommate and domestic partner,” saying, “Matt, Matt, I thought we were lovers. Are you kicking me out. I thought we had a relationship. Are you kicking me out tonight, Matthew? I thought we had something going the two of us, Matthew. Are you kicking me out now after you used me up?”

Douglas County Sheriff’s deputy, 29-year-old Zackeri Parrish, was killed when Riehl attacked.

Riehl was subsequently killed during a SWAT assault.

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