Donald Trump: ‘It’s the Economy Stupid’

Trump Econoy Up

President Donald Trump celebrated the latest economic numbers, boasting that he could win future elections thanks to the strength of the economy.

“It’s the economy stupid!” he said, repeating a slogan coined by former Bill Clinton advisor James Carville in 1992. “Did you ever hear that one? It’s the economy.”

Trump traveled to the Pittsburgh area to visit the H&K Equipment Company, to promote the benefits of the tax cuts.

Trump boasted of an 18-year low unemployment rate, a 45-year-low in Americans applying for unemployment checks, and African American unemployment at an all-time low. The president also celebrated that the stock market continued to rise, benefiting Americans 401(k)s.

“Wow. We can keep it like this, we’re going to win a lot of elections, that I can tell you,” Trump said.

He told the audience that workers should already see a rise in their paychecks in February after the bill finally passed before Christmas. Trump added that it was tough getting legislation finished in Washington, but that it was worth it.

“America doesn’t belong to the Washington power brokers, it belongs to you,” Trump said. “I think we’ve taught them that. It doesn’t mean it’s easy. It’s nasty in Washington, but step by step by step, just keep going, right?”

The president appeared excited to get behind a microphone to promote the tax cuts, pointing to the hundreds of companies offering special bonuses and reinvestments in the United States as a result of the bill.

“The forgotten men and women of our country are never forgotten again,” Trump said.

He also took a dig at his former Democratic rival for the presidency, Hillary Clinton.

“Remember? The Deplorables. We’re all deplorables,” Trump said. “Who would have thought that was going to turn into a landslide, that was not a good phrase that she used.”


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