Police: Indiana Restaurant Owner Arrested for Giving Customer Cocaine with Cheese Sticks

Police: Indiana Restaurant Owner Arrested for Giving Customer Cocaine with Cheese Sticks

An Indiana restaurant owner has been arrested for allegedly giving a customer some cocaine with her order of cheese sticks, police say.

Carrie Demoff, 50, was arrested Thursday and charged with felony counts of attempted distribution of cocaine, possession of cocaine, and other charges for allegedly giving out the controlled substance, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Police released surveillance footage showing Demoff, who owned the restaurant Broad Street Gyros, walking towards the restaurant’s back office before going to the kitchen.

The video later shows Demoff entering the kitchen carrying a white container, which police say tested positive for cocaine.

Later in the footage, a restaurant worker gave an order to a paying customer. The worker, however, mistakenly gave the customer the order with cocaine, police said.

A man walked straight past the cashier into the store and began counting cash as Demoff became visibly upset, WGN reported. Police say she was upset because she could not find the order containing the bag of cocaine.

The customer who received the cocaine-filled order reported the incident to the police when it took place November 21. The business shut down the following day and has been closed ever since.

Fast food restaurants can sometimes be havens for drug-trafficking.

In October, authorities arrested a manager at a Bronx, New York, McDonald’s for alleged narcotics trafficking after undercover investigators say he sold them more than $10,000 worth of cocaine in multiple transactions disguised as fast food orders.


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