NRA: Congress Must Take Protecting Kids as Seriously as They Take Protecting Themselves


The NRA is pushing for enhanced school safety measures by pointing out that Congress must take protecting our kids as seriously as they take protecting themselves.

On February 17 Breitbart News reported that NRA Chief of Staff Josh Powell articulated this point by highlighting the fact that we use guns to protect the “political class,” and celebrities and pro-athletes, yet leave our children as sitting ducks in classrooms across America.

Powell said:

It’s time we get serious. We need to get very serious about how we’re going to protect our kids, the measures that need to be put in place. The awful irony of this is when you look at athletes, celebrities, the political class, all of these people have security, and many of them have armed security. So the question is, at what point are we going to get serious enough about protecting our children and give the protections that all these other groups get?

NRA-ILA executive director Chris Cox is now reiterating the point with a March 13 tweet in which he observes that “gun owners and non-gun owners alike want to live in safe communities and send our kids to safe schools.” But he warns that such safety will not be accomplished via gun control because “criminals willing to commit murder will never obey the law.”

Moreover, Cox claims that all the talk about gun control goes on while we fail to protect our kids the way we protect “our banks” and “sports stadiums.” He also pointed out that we fail to protect our kids the way we protect the “government buildings” that house our political class.

He warned, “Relying on a sticker in a window that says ‘no guns allowed’ is not a security plan. It’s an invitation to tragedy.”

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