Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell Work to Sell Omnibus Spending to Donald Trump at the White House

McConnell, Trump, Ryan
Evan Vucci/AP

House Speaker Paul Ryan was spotted at the White House on Wednesday, as Congress works on forcing through their massive omnibus spending bill Thursday.

Reporters at the White House spotted the Speaker leaving the White House on Wednesday afternoon.

A report from the Huffington Post’s Matt Fuller noted that the president was not pleased with the spending bill, forcing Ryan to scramble to the White House to reinforce the deal.

The spending deal with Democrats only provides $641 million for a wall, not the $25 billion that he wanted for border security. Congressional conservatives have spent the last few days grumbling about the $1.2 trillion funding bill, which has yet to be released to the public before a planned vote on Thursday.

But a statement from the White House tried to put to rest any reporting that there were problems with the emerging budget proposal.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders issued a statement confirming that Trump met with Ryan and Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell.

Sanders revealed that the three leaders talked about “shared priorities secured in the omnibus spending bill” and “support for the bill.”

She noted that the bill included a big pay raise for members of the armed forces, more money to rebuild the military, more than 100 miles of border wall construction, infrastructure funding, and funding to fight opioid addiction.

Ryan’s National Press Secretary AshLee Strong confirmed that the White House was supportive of the deal.

“They had a good conversation about the wins delivered for the president, and he is supportive of the bill,” she said about the meeting.