Donald Trump Advice for 25-Year-Old Self: ‘Don’t Run for President’

Trump 1977
Tom Gates/Archive Photos/Getty Image

President Donald Trump joked that he would advise his 25-year-old self not to run for president during a panel with millennial activists on Thursday.

Trump made his remarks during a panel discussion with Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk, who asked him to give advice to the 25-year-old “Donald Trump” in the audience.

“Don’t run for president,” Trump replied with a grin.

“We’re glad you did,” replied Kirk as the room applauded.

Trump said that he had a very successful business career and great press until he decided to run for office.

He said his experience in running for office proved that the media was biased.

“There’s a lot of fake news out there … I’m proud of the fact that I exposed it to a large extent,” Trump said.

He clarified that not all reporters were “fake news” but that a lot of them were.

“People have found out how dishonest it is. However you have some great, great reporters, you have some great people in the press, people that I have tremendous respect for.”


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