Illegal Alien Arrested in Connection with Murder of Arizona Teenage Girl

AZ illegal alien-homocide
Flagstaff Police Dept

An illegal alien has been arrested in connection with the first-degree murder of a teenager girl after she was shot three times at a home in Arizona.

Adonis Encinas Velarde, a 20-year-old illegal alien, was arrested by the Flagstaff Police Department after he and 22-year-old Abraham Puentes Ortiz were allegedly involved in the murder of 19-year-old Kinsey Beebe, according to the Arizona Daily Sun.

A spokesperson with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) confirmed to Breitbart News that the agency has a detainer on Velarde, where if he is released from local custody, he will be turned over to ICE officials for deportation.

Beebe was found shot three times — and later died at a nearby hospital — after reports of gunshots and a drive-by shooting that had not left anyone injured.

According to police, the illegal alien turned himself in, admitting that he was with the man who shot and killed Beebe, and he went on to admit that he was responsible for the drive-by shooting.

Ortiz was later arrested, admitting to police that he had shot the teenage girl three times and was the driver of the vehicle that the illegal alien was in when he fired the gunshots in the drive-by shooting.

Police say that the two men fled the scene of Beebe’s murder after the three had gotten into a fight over a gun. That’s when Ortiz allegedly shot the girl, fleeing the scene with the illegal alien afterward. This is when the illegal alien allegedly fired a gunshot at a structure in a drive-by shooting that did not end up harming anyone.

The men were arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder, kidnapping, and other related charges.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder