Lawsuit Claims DNA Test Proves Fertility Doctor Impregnated Woman with His Own Sperm

Scientists in Spain say they created human sperm, reprogramming mature skin cells by introducing a cocktail of genes needed to create gametes

Kelli Rowlette has filed a lawsuit against Dr. Gerald Mortimer and his associates for allegedly secretly using his own sperm to father her.

Rowlette’s parents went to Dr. Mortimer in 1979 at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Associates of Idaho Falls, where her mother was diagnosed with a “tipped” uterus and her father with low sperm count and motility. The procedure to inseminate Rowlette’s mother was intended to mix 85% of her father’s sperm with 15% from a college student of similar appearance.

Instead, Dr. Mortimer allegedly used his own — on three separate occasions. Now, a DNA test run by popular family tracing website allegedly revealed to the 36-year-old daughter that her true biological father is Dr. Mortimer. Understandably, she is displeased. She has filed a suit not only against Mortimer but his wife Linda McKinnon Mortimer and the practice itself.’s Chief Privacy Officer Eric Health told USA TODAY that while does help to “make new and powerful discoveries about their family history and identity,” it also might lead to “unexpected connections.” Perhaps understatement runs in Health’s family.


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