College Republicans Denounced at U-Cal for ‘Anti-Marxist Arguments’

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The liberal thought police at the University of California-Merced have accused Campus Republicans and other conservatives of a “campaign of harassment and intimidation” including such crimes as hanging MAGA posters, saying “white lives matter, too,” carrying signs reading “Only 2 Genders,” and making “anti-Marxist arguments.”

Faculty and students of the University of California-Merced have written up a list of these and other infractions of political correctness and issued an ultimatum demanding that the school’s chancellor hold a press conference by April 30th, 2018 “to acknowledge the discrimination of UCM students and workers based on their race, gender, sexuality, nationality/immigration status, dis/ability, age, and etc. and allocate resources needed for the students and workers with the input of all cultural organizations.”

“If a press conference and formal meeting with students and workers regarding the allocation of such resources is not held by April 30th, 2018, major news outlets will be informed to raise awareness of the Chancellor’s negligence of students’ rights,” the ultimatum warns.

The seven-page document, posted online by the helpful and ever-vigilant folks at the College Fix, purports to offer a “Timeline of White Supremacy” documenting “the fascist deterioration of the campus climate.”

“We call on all our communities and comrades to stand with us and help us fight the fascism developing on our campus, roll back the fascism developing in the larger Central Valley, and crush the fascism developing everywhere else,” the text reads.

Riddled with double-standards, ideological insults, and ludicrous exaggerations, the document would be ignored or held up to public ridicule in a saner age, but now it serves as a threat to academic authorities for allowing too much free speech to conservatives.

According to the faculty and students behind the text, supporters of the Trump administration are, by definition, “fascists,” “white supremacists,” and members of the “alt-right,” terms chosen to incite terror and repugnance.

Any criticism of Islam, support for secure national borders, opposition to “Black Lives Matter,” defense of Second Amendment rights, resistance to abortion on demand, repudiation of Marxism, or challenging of the LGBT agenda immediately qualifies a person as a racist, according to the warped anti-logic of the document.

Interestingly, the thought police wish to shut down arguments, not actions. The crime of Campus Republicans and other conservatives is the espousal and spread of “dangerous” conservative ideas, considered “offensive” by liberal elites.

Only by enshrining liberal groupthink and stamping out ideas that challenge it can the UC-Merced campus become a “safe” bubble once again.

Gone are the days when American college campuses were training grounds for adult life, encouraging stimulating debate, challenging conversations, and the confrontation of ideas and worldviews.

The UC-Merced timeline has one message: when a debate cannot be won by the force of argument, coercion is the only option.

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