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College Republicans Denounced at U-Cal for ‘Anti-Marxist Arguments’

The liberal thought police at the University of California-Merced have accused Campus Republicans and other conservatives of a “campaign of harassment and intimidation” including such crimes as hanging MAGA posters, saying “white lives matter, too,” carrying signs reading “Only 2 Genders,” and making “anti-Marxist arguments.”

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‘Gay Thought Police’ Like Soviet-Era Bullies

One of the core beliefs of the movement for LGBT equality has always been that anti-gay bullying, especially of young people, must end. And yet, in recent days, thousands of online comments and threats from LGBT people have been directed against two young gay men who expressed their opinions about the current presidential race.

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Silicon Valley ‘Dazed and Confused’ by Peter Thiel’s RNC Speech

Many tech leaders were left “dazed and confused” after top Silicon Valley venture capitalist Peter Thiel won a standing ovation at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last Thursday when he introduced himself as both “proud to be gay” and “proud to be Republican.”

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UK Police: Be ‘Kind’ And ‘Use The Internet Safely’ Or ‘You May Receive A Visit’

Glasgow Police have threatened social media users, ordering them to be “kind” and not “hurtful” unless they want to “receive a visit… this weekend”. Using the witty acronym ‘THINK’, and the hashtag #thinkbeforeyoupost, they cautioned people to consider whether something is

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