Arkansans with ‘Enhanced’ Carry Now Armed for Self-Defense in Churches and on College Campuses

Brent Tenney displays his Glock 9mm semi-automatic handgun on the University of Utah campus where he is a student Wednesday, April 25, 2007, in Salt Lake City. Tenney says he feels relatively safe when he goes to class at the university, but the 24-year-old business major doesn't want to take …
AP Photo/Douglas C. Pizac

Arkansans with “enhanced concealed carry” permits are now armed for self-defense in churches, bars, and on college campuses.

Those holding an “enhanced” permit can also carry in the State Capitol.

WPSU reports that “enhanced” permit training includes the normal fire hours of training required for a traditional permit plus “a live-fire exam and … a course that covers what to do in an active shooting.”

The active shooting training is not designed to teach permit holders to confront the shooter, but to evade and to confront only as a last resort. Instructor Nathan House instructed his class to run and be prepared to act if the shooter gives chase. He said, “Make them come to you. If that active shooter decides that they want to come into that room where you are at, then you are prepared to defend yourself.”

Katrina Allen underwent the required training for an “enhanced” permit and made clear she is not eager about having to confront a shooter, but will do so if push comes to shove. She said, “When I decided to start carrying, I understand that I have a responsibility. More than just protecting myself, if I ever find myself in an active shooter situation, I do realize that I will take on the responsibility of protecting whoever is around me.”

The “enhanced concealed carry” permit is designed to open more public places to concealed carriers. Since bars and churches are not publicly owned they retain the ability to prohibit law-abiding citizens from being armed for self-defense.

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