Democrat Infighting as Texas Representative Al Green Criticizes Pelosi for Lack of Trump Impeachment Support

Nancy Pelosi
AP/J. Scott Applewhite

Al Green may believe that President Donald Trump is “the quintessential person that impeachment was designed for,” but House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is not buying it.

“We have elections,” Pelosi said in an interview with the Dallas Morning News. “Go vote if it’s a policy thing and a behavior thing. I don’t know if you can get impeached for being a jerk, but if we did, this guy would be long gone. But that’s not unifying.”

The House has already handed Green an overwhelming rejection of both his December 2017 and January 2018 impeachment resolutions. In April, Pelosi implored her fellow party members to refocus from impeachment efforts, toward positive change. “I’m not walking away from impeachment for political reasons and I’m not walking toward it for political reasons,” Pelosi told Politico, “I just think it’s divisive and I think what we should do is always try to unify.”

To Pelosi, the ongoing cry for impeachment is a “distraction.”

Green expressed his consternation in a public statement that claimed Pelosi’s stance “trivializes the impact of his bigoted policies on Jews, Latinos, African-Americans, women and the LGBTQ community.” Further, that “trivializing his bigotry also allows Trump supporters to hypothesize that while Trump may be an objectionable jerk he is not an impeachable bigot, which is not true.”

Pelosi seems to have become exasperated by the conversation. “I’ve just said to folks ‘I wish you wouldn’t.’ You can talk about it in your district,” she said. “In my district, it’s a very popular issue but it’s not the path that we should go on.”